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A software platform designed and designed to capture data dynamically and intelligently in any business structure The captured data are managed with intelligence to acquire practicality and ready to act. It is able to control in real time the physical movements of goods, containers, people, returnable assets and others, without human intervention. It easily integrates with any ERP, WMS, MES, business management software or any other application, even in Kanban, Lean or other procedures. Install, connect and operate. You don't need to learn RFID and NFC technologies in depth, the software does the work for you. Connect with the hardware and collect its features. It has several pre-defined scenarios, allowing you to configure them. It provides the data ready to be used: "what" has been read, "where" has been read, "when" has been read. Optionally you can get the "status" and "addressability". In Dipole we have our own softwares, both desktop and mobile apps that are optimized for: Expedition Management Inventory management Asset tracking management Management for the reception of merchandise Supply chain management Traceability Management Management in the industry


RFID Software Lama

Lama is the RFID software developed by Dipole to be able to manage all the RFID equipment and tags involved in your business. At Lama you will find software to collect, store and analyse all the information generated with RFID systems.

Lama can be integrated into any type of industry such as retail, automotive, health, food... and integrates perfectly with our RFID solutions such as inventories, guarantee shipments, asset tracking, etc. without the need to integrate other additional software.

Our team of developers can tailor the software to each client based on their needs and it is available for different platforms such as Android, Windows and web access. With web access, you can manage all the information from anywhere in the world.


Product Description RFID Software Lama

Our priority has been for the client to have the most important information about their business at a glance and in real time, with a very intuitive and visual Dashboard. In addition, our software allows you to easily configure all the antennas and readers to be able to adjust the RFID readings as appropriate.

Some of the benefits of Lama software:

  • Product identification throughout the process
  • Data update in real time
  • Simple management of RFID records
  • Easy hardware setup
  • Configuration of notifications according to the client's KPI
  • Full integration with any type of ERP
  • Possibility of downloading and saving all the information generated in the way that best suits the client

If you want to know more about the Dipole Lama RFID software, contact us and we will explain much more.

  • Technology: LF, HF, NFC, UHF

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