RFID Logistics Distribution


Movement control

Logistics and distribution of goods is a very broad concept and can cover almost all needs when it comes to identifying products, packages, groupings or pallets. RFID makes it easy to capture data and control movements without human intervention, and share the information within the company and with third parties.


Real-time Monitoring and Management

At Dipole, we present an integrated solution for logistics management that spans from goods reception to their dispatch. It includes RFID tags, readers, and advanced management software, enabling detailed real-time control of each unit.

The implementation of this technology provides a complete view of the entire supply chain, streamlining inventory management and the traceability of packages, pallets, and loads in warehouses or distribution centers.

With RFID, we can have real-time information, allowing companies to identify and address immediate issues, reduce loss of goods, minimize human errors, and optimize efficiency in all logistics processes.

rfid for logistics

Benefits of RFID technology for logistics and distribution


Optimization of Goods Reception

RFID minimizes time and labor in reception by avoiding the "disassembly" of pallets and provides accurate data capture integrated with ERP systems.


Automation in Warehouse Management

RFID eliminates human intervention in storage and retrieval of goods, offering alerts to monitor key indicators.


Increased Order Picking Efficiency

RFID enhances order picking by working with ERP and WMS systems, surpassing barcode-based methods.


Real-Time Management

With RFID, all movements are monitored in real-time, offering interactive dashboards and integration with management software.


Detailed Traceability

Dipole's solution enables complete product traceability, including the ability to track batches, dates, and varieties.


Compliance with International Regulations

Dipole's RFID solutions ensure compatibility with international regulations such as GS1, facilitating global trade.


Efficient Loading and Dispatch

RFID provides detailed control over vehicle loading, ensuring efficient distribution and alerts in case of deviations.


Reduction of Errors and Losses

RFID reduces human errors, loss of goods, and downtime, improving logistic efficiency.

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