RFID Logistics Distribution


Movement control

Logistics and distribution of goods is a very broad concept and can cover almost all needs when it comes to identifying products, packages, groupings or pallets. RFID makes it easy to capture data and control movements without human intervention, and share the information within the company and with third parties.


Competitive advantages

There is no doubt that the emergence of RFID technology applied to the logistics and distribution sectors has added dynamism to all processes in the supply chain, from start to finish. Some of the processes where RFID adds value are:

  • Identifying the goods at origin
  • Immediate transactions upon the reception of goods
  • Switching locations regardless of who does it and when it is done
  • Obtain full visibility of the supply chain
  • Ensure the correct picking of your orders and shorten their preparation time
  • Guarantee dispatch or shipping operations
  • Manage returnable assets (asset-tracking)
  • Avoid obsolescence with proper inventory alert management
  • Integrate real-time movements and data with your IT system, ERP, MES, WMS or other systems

Goods receipt

By using RFID technology for the reception of goods, you will manage to reduce manpower by not needing to ‘disassemble’ the pallets. You will also obtain the highest reliability in data capture by entering the information into your management system or ERP.

Warehouse management

Whether it is raw material, semi-finished product or finished product, warehouse management using RFID enables you to leave and pick up goods without human interaction. Use alerts to keep track of your KPIs.

Order picking

Preparation of shipping of orders with automated order picking, online with ERP and WMS, increases productivity by 20-30% more than with traditional bar coding.

Real-time management

All movements managed without human intervention, in real time. Dashboard and interfaces with your ERP or management software.

Forward and backward traceability

With the Dipole Data Suite you can obtain the forward and backward traceability of manufactured products. Tracing batches, dates, varieties, weights, sizes and related data to the product.

Dipole works with international standards such as GS1, meaning that you can export your products to the EU and the USA in compliance with European and FDA regulations.

Shipping and secure loading

Orderly loading of trucks and delivery vans is a necessary task for smooth and reliable logistics. Control of the content of the shipments and the loading order for correct distribution. Error alerts when loading.

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