Construction logistics with RFID


RFID technology for building materials

RFID technology for manufacturers of construction materials p rovides precise tracking of the different processes in the production chain, such as which equipment, machinery and personnel have been involved in the manufacture of these materials, or the unit identification of each finished product.

The implementation of RFID technology ensures that manufacturers have comprehensive product traceability with automated records to guarantee the quality standards required by current regulations.

In Dipole we also developed the software to easily manage the stock of materials and to accurately locate them inside the warehouses with access to real-time updated information.


Identification for metal materials, ceramic, concrete...

In Dipole we have designed RFID tags to be applied to different materials such as metals, glass, clay, wood, concrete, ceramics... that are commonly used in this industry.

We manufacture our tags with the robustness required for this type of environment and with specially-designed adhesion methods to ensure the usability and durability of the RFID system against inclement weather or other adverse conditions.

We offer complete RFID solutions for building material manufacturers, from the identification of the materials, the hardware needed for detection and management software, and we study each project individually to guarantee the very best results.

RFID ceramic materials

Benefits of RFID technology for building materials

Quick and easy reading of information

Immediate access to information in a simple and efficient way.

 Compliance with quality standards

With RFID process records, you will comply with industry quality requirements.

 Reduction of time and costs

Eliminate unproductive data and information recording tasks by operators (do away with administrative work that does not add value to the product).

 Improved safety in manufacturing processes

Increases safety by identifying all processes in the plant and preventing personnel from being in restricted areas.

Improved productivity and efficiency

Automation and recording of information improve productivity and efficiency in building material manufacturing processes.

 Management and control of all stored materials

Increased ability to track and control manufactured materials.

 Application of RFID tags on any surface

The Dipole R&D department has designed RFID tags so that they can be applied to any surface without affecting performance. 

 Collect and analyse data in real time

Real-time data accessibility and data analysis with the Dipole RFID software.

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