Supply Chain RFID


Comprehensive optimisation

The supply chain is characterised by having to manage a large volume of products and items at different points of the business process. RFID technology solves this major problem by optimising identification and data capture, improving working time and reducing operating costs.

Gain competitive advantage by applying RFID in those industries focused on the supply chain, such as logistics, distribution or warehousing, reducing management times and obtaining real-time information.


Processes where RFID adds value

The application of RFID technology in the supply chain is key to optimising the large amount of data that this industry generates, streamlining all processes, from start to finish. Some of the processes where RFID adds value are:

  • Complete warehouse visibility and movement optimisation
  • Identification of the goods at origin
  • Immediate transactions upon the reception of goods
  • Switching locations regardless of who does it and when it is done
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Guarantee dispatch or shipping operations
  • Avoid obsolescence and stock breakages with proper inventory alert management

Industry 4.0 visibility

Dashboard for the visibility of KPIs of productive processes. With RFID, live and reliable data can be monitored as soon as events occur.

Process control and digitisation

Assurance of the production processes with their intermediate semi-finished products and time control. Management of direct staff and traceability matching.

Real-time management

All movements managed without human intervention, in real time. Dashboard and interfaces with your ERP or management software.

Shipping and secure loading

Orderly loading of trucks and delivery vans is a necessary task for smooth and reliable logistics. Control of the content of the shipments and the loading order for correct distribution. Error alerts when loading.

RFID In The Supply Chain

RFID Logistics and Distribution

RFID Logistics and Distribution

Gain competitive advantage by applying RFID to logistics and distribution of goods, parcels and packages. Reduce your management times and obtain real-time information.

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RFID in the Warehouse

For movement management, RFID in the warehouse minimises the work of operators and reduces obsolescence to almost zero.

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