RFID Pharmaceutical Industry


Guarantee for end consumers

End consumer assurance is the most tangible benefit of using RFID technology in the pharmaceutical industry. It provides unquestionable value and means that materials, processes or tasks can be identified, with the possibility of obtaining improvements that range between 20% and 60%. 

The transformation of the supply chain with RFID technology achieves reliability of the captured data, thus increasing the end customer’s security.


Traceability management is essential

RFID technology in the pharmaceutical sector provides you with real-time situation information that, together with personalised alerts, will enable you to make safe decisions and control the traceability of each product, package, pallet or container.

Dipole's Lama solution will provide you with traceability from the origin to the final delivery, tracing all the information of the products, processes, machinery and tasks that intervene until delivery to the customer.

  • Pharmaceutical standards
    Our products meet the standards of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Customised products
    We can manufacture customised products and special antenna designs for the different requirements found in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Deliveries
    Small and large deliveries, as required by the application.

  • Customisation
    Customisation and custom coding.

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