RFID Pharmaceutical Industry


Guarantee for end consumers

The incorporation of RFID technology in the pharmaceutical industry revolutionizes process management at all stages, providing unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and security. From the production stage in clinical analysis laboratories to the delivery to the end consumer, the use of RFID ensures precise and fast identification of each individual product.

The key to the success of RFID lies in the ability of each product to carry detailed information, such as the batch number, manufacturing date, expiration date, and other relevant data. This crucial information is stored in RFID tags, which can be read and tracked at any point in the product's lifecycle


Security and quality management in pharmaceuticals.

Authentication of products throughout the supply chain is an additional benefit provided by RFID technology. From the laboratory to the point of sale, each item can be verified and tracked, making it difficult for counterfeit drugs to enter the market. This authentication capability strengthens pharmaceutical supply chain security and protects consumers from fraudulent or potentially harmful products.

RFID technology also ensures the security and integrity of products throughout the entire lifespan of the drug. In the event of a product recall due to quality or safety issues, RFID enables quick and accurate identification of the affected batches, reducing the risk to consumers and minimizing costs associated with recalls.

Pharmaceutical industry with RFID

Benefits of RFID technology for the pharmaceutical industry

End-to-end traceability

RFID technology allows for tracking medications throughout the entire supply chain, from the laboratory to the end consumer.

Pharmaceutical process control

RFID technology enables meticulous control in pharmaceutical laboratories.

Reduction of counterfeiting

By offering complete traceability and product authentication, RFID technology makes it difficult to counterfeit medications.

Improved patient safety

By ensuring medication authenticity, RFID technology helps improve patient safety.

Real-time tracking of product location

In the event of a market recall for safety reasons, we can detect the real-time location of the product and carry out the recall.

Handling of pharmaceutical inputs and outputs

RFID technology ensures a complete record of pharmaceutical receptions and shipments.

Minimization of human errors

By automating processes, RFID can reduce human errors in the supply chain.

Integration with ERP

Our Lama software can integrate with other management systems or CRMs to have access to all the information.

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