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Needs covered by RFID readers

To cover all segments it is necessary to have a wide range of RFID readers, which are grouped into 4 major groups:

  • Fixed readers
  • Portable or handheld readers
  • USB desktop readers
  • Trolley readers

These 4 major RFID reader segments cover almost 100% of all users’ requirements and provide the answer to smart data capture. A wide range of antennas can be used for all of them, with the exception of manual antennas, which multiply the possibilities to adapt to almost all market sectors.


RFID Readers

RFID Fixed Readers Dipole Miniature

Fixed RFID Readers

Fixed RFID readers are responsible for generating the waves that are emitted to the tags by the antennas. At the same time, they receive and decode what the tags emit, as well as the information that reaches them via the antennas. The fixed reader is designed to be placed in fixed reading areas.

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Dipole RFID Portable Readers Miniature

Portable RFID Readers

Portable RFID readers can be used in multiple applications. The RFID antenna can be part of the device or can be added and connected via Bluetooth. They can communicate or work in different ways: with Windows Mobile, Windows Embedded, for iPhone or Android. They have Wi-Fi and 3G connections. Most of them include a barcode.

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USB RFID Readers Dipole Miniature

RFID USB Readers

A range of hardware that is used for simple and easy applications, where the readings do not require great technological features. Its basic use is short-range or Near-Field. For quick tag encoding or small checks.

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Dipole RFID Tunnels Miniature

RFID Tunnels

RFID tunnels have been developed to read boxes with RFID tags inside. Two versions are available: tunnel with integrated belt, or tunnel only. The size can be adapted according to your needs.

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