RFID Labels

The most popular method used to insert or add a chip to an item, good or product is by using and adhering special RFID labels to moving items. These labels, in their various forms and compositions, are the "natural vehicle" by which RFID is applied to items or goods in movement.

Dipole RFID manufactures a wide range of RFID labels and tags:

  • UHF Labels:  860-960 MHz,EPC Class1 Gen2 / ISO 18000-6, 18000-6C
  • NFC Labels:  13.56 MHZ, ISO 14 443 A. NFC Forum
  • HF Labels:  13.56 MHZ ISO 18000-3

Our labels are printed with thermal or ribbon printers, which allows us to customize the internal IC and memory; Impinj Monza, NXP or Alien.

Materials and adhesives used in labels are manufactured according to your needs; standard paper, polyethylene, polyamide, carton, etc. Dipole RFID offers multiple delivery formats: rolls, zig-zag, loose, etc.

Dipole's labels meet global standards approved on all RFID frequencies.

Dipole RFID Labels and Tags

RFID Labels and Tags

An RFID label or tag is an encapsulated RFID inlay (Smartrac, Alien Technology, etc) within a type of material that covers and protects it; paper, plastic, polyethylene, polyamide, cardboard, foam.  RFID labels are made with the adhesive required for the specific application. Dipole RFID manufactures a wide variaty of RFID Labels in accordance with the requirements and specifications of our customers, with custom delivery formats based on each customer need. Our labels can be printed and encoded on using any printer on the market.

  • Integrated circuit (IC): NXP, Impinj Monza, Alien Higgs.
  • Frequency: UHF: 860-960 Mhz, NFC y HF:13,56Mhz

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Robust RFID Tags and Labels

Asset Tracking Labels

RFID hard tags can be made to withstand demanding conditions both outdoors and in industrial interiors. Resistant to chemicals, dust, UV, harsh cleaning or water environments. These robust and durable tags are designed and typically used to identify long lasting products such as boxes, plastic pallets, furniture, metal products, etc.

  • Integrated circuit (IC): NXP, Impinj Monza, Alien Higgs.

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RFID Timing Tags, Labels, Sports timing, Race timing

Dipole Sports RFID Tags

Dipole RFID manufactures RFID tags for all types of sports timing applications, from bib tags to ankle tags, Dipole RFID offers it all. RFID sports timing tags are specially designed for precision, accuracy and endurance of harsh environments. The antennas are optimized for best performance. Race managers can encode themselves with RFID printers.

The most frequently used tags are:

  • Dogbone Impinj Monza 4, R6, R6P and NXP UCODE 8
  • Viper Impinj Monza 4,
  • ShortDipole Impinj Monza 5, R6 and R6P
  • Alien Squiggle Higgs 3, 4, EC and 9

Dipole RFID can manufacture and deliver RFID labels with plastic materials, foam spacers and special adhesives.

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RFID Tags for Metal

RFID Tags on Metal

RFID metal tags are designed to be attached to a metal surface without the need to for a plastic tag. A great advantage of these labels is that you can print and encode with a standard RFID printer.

There are various measures taken into account when making such tags and are made according to the read ranges that are required and the application: Metal returnable transport items (RTI), tools, IT, office objects, barrels, automotive, constructionCylinder, etc.

  • Frequency: UHF 860-960Mhz , International standars: EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18 000-6C
  • Integrated circuit (IC): NXP UCODE 7XM, Impinj Monza 4i, 4ETM, 4QT, R6, R6P, etc

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NFC Tags

NFC Tags

NFC tags allow us to create an interaction between one object and another, as would be the case with a mobile phone used to read a poster or other such specified object, or in the case of applying an RFID reader in a machine that detects and authenticates a product. Dipole RFID manufactures NFC tags based on customers specific needs and can customize colors and formats. We can encode tags with the information and specs you require.

  • Frequency: NFC 13.56 MHz, ISO 14443 A NFC Forum, NFC Forum Type 3 ISO 18092
  • Integrated circuit (IC): NXP NTAG, NXP ICode, Sony FeliCa Lite-S, EM4423, etc

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Textile and Fashion RFID Tag

Textile and Fashion RFID Tag

Identification in textiles using RFID is becoming more commonly and widely applied. It allows companies to control and monitor their products from start to finish throughout all of their business processes, reducing losses from theft and ensuring brand protection.

Eliminating manual data input and optimizing inventory control and visibility; having the most up to date inventory information in real time; all of this results in huge cost savings, optimization of business procedure and increasing sales.

UHF RFID tags are made with paper, cardboard, polyamide, nylon, polyester, etc.

  • Integrated circuit (IC): Impinj Monza, NXP UCODE, G2iL, Alien Higgs

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RFID Vehicle Tags, cars, automobiles

Windshield label

RFID vehicle tags are designed to work on the windshield, interior parts or window of the car. Vehicle identification automates control in the distribution process, garage or parking entries, tolls, automatic opening of doors or barriers. These robust tags are designed for all types of vehicles. Dipole RFID manufactures a durable vehicle tag that leaves no residue and is highly resistant to external harsh environments.

Dipole windshield label, Anti-void Windshield label.

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RFID Tag Encoding and Printing

RFID Tag Encoding and Printing

Dipole RFID offers various types of encoding and printing depending on the required use of the RFID tag.

  • Full customization of encoding and printing.
  • Barcode Printing
  • Image or Logo Printing
  • RFID Serial Codes and Sequences

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