RFID Labels


Dipole manufactures all types of tags

Our tags are printed with thermal or ribbon printers, enabling you to customise the internal IC and memory: Impinj Monza, Alien Higgs, NXP UCODE, NXP NTAG, NXP G2il, etc.

The materials and adhesives used in the tag are manufactured according to your needs; standard paper, polyethylene, polyamide, cardboard, etc. We also have multiple delivery formats: in rolls, zig-zag, loose, etc.

Dipole, as a label manufacturer, works with the necessary standards so that its tags can be used in any application.


RFID Labels

RFID Labels Standard Dipole Miniature

RFID Standard Labels

Standard RFID labels consist of an inlay, the material that covers it and the necessary adhesive. We manufacture according to requirements and we can modify the delivery formats. They can be printed and coded on any printer on the market.

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Miniature Dipole Robust RFID Labels

Rugged RFID Labels

The labels are resistant to high conditions in both outdoor and indoor industrial environments. Designed to identify long-life products such as boxes, returnable transport items, plastic pallets, furniture, metal products, barrels or automotive.

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RFID Labels Timing Dipole Miniature

RFID Timing Labels

Dipole manufactures RFID labels for sports timing. For bibs, shoes, wristbands and personalised labels. Fine and accurate for good timing. The antennas are optimised for the best performance. You can encode them yourself with RFID printers.

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Metals RFID Labels Miniature Dipole

RFID Labels for Metals

These labels are designed to be attached to metal surfaces without the need for a plastic tag. They can be printed and encoded with a standard RFID printer. Different measurements according to the required reading ranges and application.

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RFID Labels Retail Dipole Miniature

RFID Labels for Retail

Identification with RFID technology in the retail industry is becoming more and more common. It enables us to control products from start to finish throughout the entire process, reduce losses due to theft and protect the brand. Eliminates manual data entry into computers and optimises inventories.

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RFID Labels Dipole Vehicles Miniature

RFID Vehicle Labels

From the RFID tag on the windscreen, on interior parts or on the window. Vehicle identification automates control in the distribution process. For all types of vehicles Dipole has a long-lasting label that leaves no residue and is resistant to external environments.

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RFID Labels Laundry Mini

RFID Laundry Labels

RFID laundry labels are designed to be used on different textile surfaces and designed to withstand multiple industrial washes. This labels can be customized according to the size required and with different types of fixing.

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Miniature Dipole LAboratory RFID Labels

RFID Labels Laboratory

Laboratory labels are designed to withstand temperatures and chemicals present in these environments. They can be customized in different sizes and are easily printable and codable.

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NFC Labels Dipole Miniature

NFC Labels

NFC labels or NFC labels enable us to achieve interaction between one object and another. We manufacture NFC labels according to your needs, we can customise colours and formats, we also encode the labels with the information you need.

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