RFID Consultation and Analysis


RFID Project Consulting

At Dipole RFID, our mission is to provide top-tier consulting and analysis, focused exclusively on the implementation and optimization of RFID solutions for your business.

By collaborating with us, you will benefit from our extensive experience in adapting RFID technologies for a range of applications, from supply chain optimization to the improvement of efficiency in business processes and real-time asset tracking.

Our approach is centered on understanding your business challenges and objectives in order to recommend and implement RFID solutions that yield tangible positive impact, such as accelerating workflow, improving data-driven decision-making, and increasing profitability.

Smart identification

Of products, goods and people.

Process optimisation

In the movement of goods and products.


Supply Chain Visibility.


Traceability Systems Design.


Bringing the ‘user interface’ to where events occur or decisions are made.

Integration of new technologies

And its software with ERPs, SGAs, MES, and all types of business management software.

Ensure the reliability

Of processes in data management without human intervention; decision making in real time.

Real-time data capture

Systems for real-time data capture, business analytics and decision making.

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