HF RFID technology application


HF RFID System

HF RFID systems with a read range of 13.56 MHz, can read at a distance of between 10 cm and 1 metre. The interferences that exist in this technology have a moderate effect, although they tolerate humidity with a good result.

HF RFID technology is used especially for data transfer or product authentication.

Most common applications

HF RFID technology operates with a high transmission frequency and can read at a distance of up to 1 metre. For this reason, the most common applications are product identification, access control and authentication.

As regards complex materials such as water or metal, its field waves penetrate relatively well and can identify products containing these elements.

Regulations and protocols

There are different protocols for HF RFID systems. The ISA 15693 standard is used for object traceability. The MIFARE standards are ISO/IEC 14443 A and ISO/IEC 14443, which is used in smart cards, and JIS X 6319-4 for FeliCa, typically used in cards with payment systems.

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