RFID for Optical


Optician product management with RFID

With RFID technology we are able to achieve a unit identification for each product, giving us much more precise control without the need to manually carry out controls.

By installing RFID tags on items such as glasses or contact lenses, opticians can track supply in real time, saving time and energy and improving the customer experience.

We can also obtain important information about the products such as their location in the shop, preventing losses and the related costs.


Automated inventories with RFID for opticians

Given the large number of items and brands found in an optician’s, stock management is a highly complex process requiring many staff resources. RFID technology would automate these processes so human intervention would not be required.

An efficient inventory control system allows us to maintain an uninterrupted supply of products while avoiding overstocking.

Lama management software for opticians makes the management of all products, in the shop, store or transit, an easy task, always updated in real time.


Optical RFID Inventory

Benefits of RFID technology for opticians

Improvement and automation of inventories

Real-time management of all parts, both finished and in production.


Identification of each article

Individual identification of each part and component.


Precise information for decision making

RFID technology provides all the information needed to make better decisions.


Reduction of costs and operating time

Removal of unproductive data and information entry work, reducing the associated costs.

Coordination of manufacturing flows

Maximum efficiency during production line stages by having information available on all processes.


Real-time monitoring of location and movement of parts

Real-time recording of any movement within the factory.


Control of incoming and outgoing parts and components 

Total record of incoming materials from suppliers and outgoing materials to customers.


Identification of finished parts

Total control when a part has been manufactured. Complete record of all processes it has gone through.


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