RFID Congresses


Accurate Identification and Access

The world of conferences and exhibitions demands rapid and accurate attendee identification to ensure a seamless and high-quality event experience.

RFID technology enables us to monitor and control each attendee with precision, ensuring access only for those duly accredited and providing real-time information for exceptional management.

Through our RFID solutions tailored for conferences and accreditations, we deliver cutting-edge tools that transform and refine event management, ensuring maximum satisfaction for organizers and participants and establishing ourselves as pioneers in innovation and reliability in the events field.


Comprehensive Event Solutions

Dipole specializes in offering complete solutions for identification at conferences and fairs, covering everything from badge creation to access management. Thanks to our advanced system, composed of RFID tags, readers, and state-of-the-art software, we guarantee quick and accurate identification of each attendee.

With our solution, organizers gain a complete view of the event flow, optimizing attendee administration and ensuring impeccable access control. RFID technology allows us to perform real-time validations, giving organizers the ability to act immediately in case of any contingency, and ensuring a smooth event and exceptional experience for all attendees.

Accreditations with rfid

Benefits of RFID for Congresses and Accreditations


Access Control and Security

RFID technology facilitates attendees' access to different areas of the congress, allowing or denying access based on accreditation levels. It also provides an additional layer of security by identifying unauthorized individuals.


Automatic Attendance Tracking

RFID tags enable quick and hands-free attendance tracking for various sessions or talks, eliminating the need for attendance lists or stamps.


Enhanced Attendee Experience

Participants can access personalized information, such as schedules or specific rooms, through RFID-enabled kiosks. Additionally, they can receive reminders or alerts based on their schedule.


Efficient Congress Data Management

Organizers can gather and analyze real-time data on session attendance, participant interests, and traffic flow. This streamlines decision-making and enhances future event planning.



Reduced Queues and Wait Times

Fast scanning of RFID tags streamlines accreditation and registration processes, minimizing wait times and improving attendee satisfaction.


Interaction and Networking

RFID-enabled badges can interact with specific booths or zones, facilitating information exchange between attendees and exhibitors, as well as supporting networking activities.


Integration with Event Management Systems

RFID technology easily integrates with CRM systems or event management platforms, providing organizers with a powerful tool for comprehensive congress administration.


Real-time Evaluation

Organizers can receive instant feedback on sessions or speakers through RFID-equipped stations, enabling real-time adjustments and enhancing event quality.

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