RFID Warehouses


Immediate localisation

Warehousing requires a huge amount of human resources in terms of time if we are not accompanied with advanced tools. With RFID technology you will be able to know where your goods are at any given time, even if they are moved to a different location and break storage regulations.

If we combine warehousing with fresh or perishable products, or with food curing - even an electronic product can now be considered perishable - RFID warehouse is an essential tool.


Competitive advantages

There is no doubt that the emergence of RFID technology applied to warehousing has made all warehouse management processes more dynamic, from start to finish. Some of the processes where RFID adds value are:

  • Identification upon reception
  • Immediate transactions upon the reception of goods
  • Switching locations regardless of who does it and when it is done
  • Obtain full warehouse visibility and optimise movements
  • Avoid obsolete stock with proper inventory alert management
  • 3D location management, with and without shelves
  • Integrate real-time movements and data with your IT system, ERP, MES, WMS or other systems

Input movements

With strategically placed RFID portals you can control inputs, replenishment and return movements inside warehouses. All movements are recorded without human intervention.

RFID for operations

Change locations, move goods, leave goods in the wrong place, with RFID you will know where each product is located without the need to record it manually.

Warehouse software

Manage your warehouse automatically and obtain a real-time map of the status of each location. Configure locations based on your business criteria or KPIs and schedule alerts for specific procedures.

3D Locations

Record and know the location as soon as operation is carried out, without human intervention. You'll avoid obsolescence and know where specific product batches are located.

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