LF technology application


LF RFID System

Typical LF RFID systems cover frequencies between 125 kHz or 134 kHz, providing a short read range of about 10 cm and a slow reading speed. However, this RFID system is highly resistant to external interference.

Most common applications

LF RFID technology operates at a low transmission frequency and has a short reading range of up to 10 cm. For this reason the most common applications are mainly centred on access control, industrial environments or production lines in industrial processes, and animal control.

Due to their high resistance to external interference, they can be identified in complex components such as liquids or metals.

Regulations and protocols

The standards for animal traceability systems are defined in ISO 14223 and ISO 11784/85 FDX-B, ISO 11784/85 HDX. The LF spectrum is not considered a frequency for global applications due to the different frequencies and reading power levels used around the world.

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