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NFC Solutions enable us to connect products to the network and interact with the end consumer, or authenticate items in the case of more industrial companies, making the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality.

Dipole develops a combination of NFC technology and LAMA software to create a comprehensive solution that enables you to track and monitor all articles or devices in real time.

  • Product authentication
    Brand protection. With NFC, product authentication is simple and easy for both consumers and brand owners.

  • Promotions - campaigns
    Electronic coupons. From any point wherever your advertising is, the user will be able to contact your brand and you will be able to offer them personalised promotions.

  • Point of sale offers
    Consumer loyalty. From any point on the line you can interact with the consumer, providing them with offers in real time according to the degree of loyalty.


  • Tag tracking
    Tracking of readings. The DataSuite platform will provide you with instant information, whenever it occurs. You will know the interactions and be able to program alerts.

  • Multidevice
    Mobiles, smartphones and tablets. No matter the platform or the NFC device, or where you want to control and manage your tags. Multiplatform.

  • NFC labels and tags
    NFC tags and labels. A wide and endless variety of NFC tags and labels for remote reading points, item identification, cards and much more.


DataSuite, ideal software for NFC solutions

It is the ideal software platform for your project or company's NFC solution,

It registers the movements and operations in real time, without human intervention, carrying out the identification automatically. It updates instantly without batch processes and informs with alerts. It allows you to record information where the events occur and gives you instant knowledge to make safe decisions.

Data Suite software is well suited for:

NFC Solutions DataSuite
  • Product authentication
  • Goods receipt
  • Production, manufacturing and transformation
  • Distribution, warehousing, picking
  • Point of sale, retail, store
  • Customer loyalty

For more information about the Guaranteed Shipment software module:

RFID Data Suite Software

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