RFID Retail


Simplify processes with RFID

The Dipole RFID Retail solution simplifies processes, offering a great improvement in the following aspects:

  • Reduce inventory time
  • Control flow between warehouses
  • Payment collection solutions
  • Unknown loss prevention


Processes where RFID technology adds value

RFID technology in the retail sector has implied a paradigm shift in all processes of the chain, from the beginning to the end, providing real-time data that guarantee the global standards of the sector.

  • Reducing inventory time
  • Speeding up replenishment
  • Increasing cross-selling
  • Controlling production
  • Reducing reception and shipment times
  • Integrate real-time movements and data with your IT system, ERP, MES, WMS or other systems

Accurate, fast inventorying

Drastic reduction of inventory time with the highest accuracy and reliability. Models, sizes, colours or features, all the data you need instantly.

Avoid ‘out of stock’

With an accurate knowledge of the inventory and the items sold, you will adjust your stocks and customers won’t have to leave without finding their size, colour, model, etc. Build customer loyalty.

Speed up replenishment

Receive items at once, put them on sale and replenish them immediately. RFID will provide you with speed, reliability and accurate management of your items.

Shopping experience

RFID technology can also be used for electronic article surveillance (EAS) as well as for logistics and inventory processes. An all-in-one that is deactivated at the cash register when the sale is made.

Item - tagging

Using RFID tags from the start increases the speed of the entire supply chain, as well as the information and decision making ability, meaning that articles are ready to reach the shelves.

Point of sale

Speed up point of sale processes by simplifying check-out and updating the inventory. Validate the item sold by cancelling the anti-theft or EAS.

RFID Retail

footwear and accessories

RFID Shoes and Accessories

Gain effective control over your products and increase the overall performance of your supply chain.

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textile and fashion

RFID Textile and Fashion

High performance in the supply chain, controlling garments from the origin to the point of sale.

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RFID Jewellery Stores

Increase the overall efficiency of logistics operations, improving their accuracy, thus achieving a constant tracking of jewellery items, from inventory to sale.

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RFID Optics

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RFID Bookstores

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