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RFID antennas are used to read RFID tags in warehouses, production lines, retail stores, medical centers and hospitals, sporting events, etc. The wide variety of RFID antennas provided by Dipole RFID have been chosen to meet the real needs of users, so you can find the right antenna for your application. An antenna creates a three-dimensional field of action called a "beam", "pattern", "break radiation" or "bulb". The differences between existing RFID antennas can be summarized by two characteristics: For short or long action, chosen depending on the distance you want to read For high or low density fields; chosen depending on the nature of the items that need to be read and the quantity of items you need to be read at the same time The main features are: Multiple frequency bands. Mounting Options indoor / outdoor Low axial ratio - defines the quality of circular polarization, improves the reliability of read RFID tags. Robust design - rfid antennas are normally used. For difficult environments such as warehouses and production lines. All-metal construction. Side left circular polarization (LH) and right (RH) Circular. Vertical linear polarization (VPOL) and horizontal linear polarization (HPOL).


Universal Laird S8658 RFID Antenna

The universal RFID antenna Laird S8658 is a versatile circular polarization antenna that facilitates the transmission and reception of information, enabling communication between readers and tags. Its maximum range can reach 12 to 14 meters in an open field environment, depending on the type of tag being read and the surface it is placed on. A 1.8 meter coaxial cable is included.

This antenna can be mounted on both the wall and a post using the corresponding mounting accessory. It is available with various types of connectors to suit your needs.



Product Description Laird S8658

This device boasts a robust IP54 rating, signifying its resistance to water and its ability to operate in the rain, under dripping conditions, and when subjected to splashes. Additionally, it is sealed in such a way that it can withstand the presence of solid materials larger than 1 mm and prevent dust accumulation.

The antenna has a square shape with dimensions of 259 x 259 x 34 mm and weighs 1.13 kg.

Product Codes:

S8658PR, S8658PL, S8658WPR, and S8658WPL

  • Technology: UHF
  • Frequency: UHF ETSI 865-868 MHz
  • Gain: 8.5 dBi
  • Maximum Power: 3 Watts
  • Polarization: Right-hand Circular, Left-hand Circular
  • Beamwidth: 65°
  • Connection Connector Type: N Male, SMA Female, TNC Reverse Female
  • Protection degree: IP67, IP54
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to 50 °C / -4 °F to 122 °F
  • Size: 259mm x 259mm x34mm - 10.2in x 10.2inx1.34in

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