Short Range RFID Antennas


Fast and efficient

RFID near-field antennas are antennas prepared to act close to the product at both the point of sale and on production lines. They are fast and efficient in dense liquid and product environments.

In this type of antenna there are no blind spots; everything within the antenna surface is detected and it reacts well to metal objects.

In Dipole we have short range RFID antennas for EU UHF ETSI frequencies (865-868 MHz) and US 902-928 MHz. In addition, they have their coaxial cables and brackets for any type of RFID reader.


There are multiple applications and preferred uses for short-range RFID antennas:

  • Inventories
  • Conveyor belts
  • Production line control
  • Warehouses
  • Access control
  • Points of sale

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