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Special applications

At Dipole we provide you with the most suitable RFID tags for your business processes.

Our specialists have been developing innovation-based tag manufacturing systems for years, to provide you with the right tags for your case or even designing new ones whenever required by the circumstances.

With our own methodology applied in our Dipole Lab, we will work together to achieve the best solution for your needs.

Co-development of the requirement

By working together on the problem or improvement you send us, we develop the need to achieve the best solution.

Designing the product

Dipole Lab will design the product applying appropriate and innovative technology, to provide you with the RFID labels that best suit your project.

First productions

First productions are made to achieve the best possible result.

Product closure

As the result of the tests performed, the final design of the RFID tags is achieved. 

Standard productions

Finally they are produced for their subsequent delivery.

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