RFID Sports Events


Data processing

Dipole provides the necessary infrastructure to process data in real time in sports events or for companies that offer timing services.

RFID Sports Events needs readers, antennas, tags, RFID bibs, software and other additional elements.

Thus, Dipole gives its support by providing:

  • UHF RFID readers and antennas
  • Software for reader control
  • RFID tags to be attached to the bibs
  • Bibs with incorporated RFID tags
  • Trainer and ankle tags
  • Dlls and SDKs to obtain the RFID data in real time
  • Tag printers and recorders


Integral solution

If you develop your software or accreditation and timing solutions, our Dll will help you to control RFID readers. Dipole develops a comprehensive solution for sports events and can create RFID portals if required. Dipole is always by your side to make your application successful.

  • RFID readers
    We provide all types of hardware to read and capture information from the bibs or sports tags. RFID readers and antennas for portals, RFID floor antennas, cables and other complementary elements.

  • Software y SDK's
    You don’t need to understand RFID. We provide you with the software tools and SDKs to simply integrate it with your software, controlling the hardware and managing the read data.
  • RFID tags
    RFID tags to insert into your cardboard, paper or plastic badges. We deliver them with or without printing, as well as engraved with your personalised chip codes.

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