RFID Laundries


RFID solutions for laundries

Dipole has RFID solutions for tracking textile elements in laundries, hotels and hospitals, thus facilitating:

  • Bed linen and the hospitality sector in general
  • Employees’ clothing, uniforms
  • Healthcare linen with its washing cycles
  • Other textile washes


Processes where RFID technology adds value

RFID technology in laundries has implied a paradigm shift in all the processes of this sector, providing real-time data that guarantee your business activity.

  • Separation of washed laundry by customer
  • Simplification of control processes
  • Accurate management of part tracking
  • Stock reductions
  • Eliminate unknown losses
  • Tracking of cages, containers and delivery assets to customers
  • Wash time cycles with wear and tear control

RFID tags for laundries

We have a wide variety of RFID tags designed for textile products, which support all industrial washing processes, including sterilisation and ironing.

Input control

Know reliably what comes in from your customers, then distribute everything according to the different washing processes and you will be able to obtain accurate tracking.

Delivery control

Guarantee deliveries to your customers by controlling what you send before loading them. Manage carts and transport containers efficiently.

Inventory control

With a simple reading, you can take inventory in one go. You can also locate stacked garments either by size, measurements or use.

Tracking and packaging

In packaging, RFID technology will make it easier to control the parts that make up each package. The tracking of the garments’ lifespan will be updated.

RFID reading points

Put RFID reading points in the processes that you consider critical, such as transport ramps, entrance and exit gates, packaging or control zones, etc.

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