RFID Hospitals


RFID in hospitals

RFID has numerous applications in a hospital. It improves processes, ensures patients are administered the correct dosage, it eliminates search times and the time spent writing notes by hand. Efficient identification and data capture management will provide you with better service and lower cost.

The Dipole RFID Hospital Healthcare solution provides you with high performance and greatly improves the following aspects:


Frequent uses

RFID technology in the healthcare sector and the environment of hospitals and patient safety is being used more and more frequently to control:

  • Blood bags, traceability and tracking
  • Product warehouse control
  • Expiry date control of special medicines
  • Management of the pharmacy dispensaries on each floor
  • Traceability of clinical analysis and culture samples
  • Guarantee in the dosage of patients’ medication
  • Tracking of assets, devices and similar
  • Control of prosthetic implants in stock and operations
  • Control of the material used in the operating theatre
  • Other monitoring, control and traceability operations

Patient management

Patients are administered the correct dosage of their medication through the use of RFID, NFC and PDA for real-time verification, to thus avoid errors. It updates the stock in pharmacy dispensaries.

Identification and security

Patient identification with bracelets can combine RFID and barcode technologies, using the most convenient system in each case. You will be able to record the actions performed on the patient in real time.

Instant inventory

Inventorying with RFID reduces time and provides relevant information about the product, enabling you to withdraw it at that precise moment. Dates and batches are obtained when taking inventory.

Asset tracking

Save time and optimise your investments with RFID asset tracking. Record the maintenance and number of times an asset has been used. An asset ready for use will always be at your disposal, and you will reduce your investments in fixed assets.

Traceability of analyses

As regards this other aspect of health, RFID brings unquestionable value to monitoring the processes carried out for clinical analyses, monitoring of blood bags, control of culture processes in GMP laboratories.

Drug identification

Accurate recording of each step, and accurately recording the times of the equipment used will ensure reliable results, without having to spend a great deal of time controlling and writing notes.

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