RFID Label Laboratory


Identification in laboratories with RFID

Dipole's family of RFID labels for laboratories ensures accurate identification, tracking, and control of items involved in a laboratory environment, improving work efficiency and safety.

The main features of these labels are their resistance to chemicals found in a laboratory, freezing temperatures, and high temperatures to identify materials, samples, and products that require specific characteristics. With RFID identification, we guarantee identification and tracking without the need for direct vision and in an automated way.

Dipole manufactures using UHF, UF, LF, and NFC technology and always works with the highest quality standards for all its labels.


The preferred applications and uses of RFID tags for laboratories are numerous:

  • Identification of vials and microplates
  • Identification of laboratory equipment
  • Personnel identification
  • Secure data collection
  • Sample management and control

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