meat packaging with RFID


Digitization of the meat sector with RFID

The RFID technology is transforming the meat sector, taking it into the digital era so that meat product producers and distributors can achieve better performance and coordination at every production stage.

By introducing RFID technology into the meat production process, we can have complete tracking of the entire logistics process, from receiving fresh meat, through the different curing and packaging stages, to shipping the final product, even up to its arrival at points of sale. This allows us to improve quality control, as we can detect potential problems in the supply chain before they occur.

Dipole's solution helps optimize logistics and inventory control, ensuring efficient product management and a swift response to market demand.


Traceability and health for the meat sector

An essential aspect in the meat sector is ensuring accurate traceability of the products that guarantee both animal health and food safety throughout all processes.

From the registration of suppliers, through control of the health conditions of batches of animals on the farm, during their transport, and up to their final processing, each of these stages is automatically monitored with RFID technology. This eliminates the need for manual intervention, providing greater certainty in data integrity and reducing costs while ensuring compliance with health and animal welfare standards.

To handle all the data generated by RFID technology, at Dipole we've developed our Lama software to manage all this data and exchange information with any ERP or management system used by the client, allowing for more efficient and secure traceability in the meat sector.

RFID Meat Sector

Benefits of RFID technology for the meat industry

Real-time location

RFID technology allows us to have precise location of animals, pieces, and finished products.


Quality Management

With RFID, the complete record of the state and location of each piece of meat is ensured, improving quality control.


Effective reduction of human errors

By automating processes with RFID technology, human errors in traceability registration are significantly minimized.


Logistic control

With RFID we can control the entire packaging, inventory, and expedition control process.

Improvement in food safety

With the implementation of RFID, traceability and compliance with food safety standards are ensured, protecting consumers.


Automated inventories

We can have the inventory of all products in a short time and effortlessly.


Optimization of operational efficiency

By automating tasks with RFID technology, we significantly increase process efficiency.


Integration with ERP

The Lama software with RFID technology can be integrated with other management systems to have all the information.

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