RFID Meat Sector


Guarantee traceability

From the farm to the final consumer. Dipole has RFID solutions that enable you to ensure quality, guaranteeing correct data capture.

To achieve a comprehensive RFID solution in the meat sector, Dipole can start by identifying the animals, to then address the slaughterhouse procedure and production lines and end with the final consumer, thus achieving total traceability.


Competitive advantages

RFID identification ensures accurate and instantaneous data capture to provide optimal and consistent product quality. Additional data can be added to this technology, such as the times and conditions of each product or meat process, thus achieving process optimisation and an overall view of the entire supply chain.

To obtain all the competitive advantages that RFID identification gives you in the meat sector, Dipole offers the necessary technology to guarantee the best quality.

Control of loads and movements in store rooms, shipments with hooks or fleet identification

  • Hook identification
    Accurately identify hooks with RFID for slaughter lines and sorting rooms.

  • Traceability of cured ham
    Obtain full traceability and automation in the cured ham and meat sector, by identifying trolleys, cages, hangers or stackable bins.

  • Product shipment
    Identifies boxes and trays on the conveyor line and in the cold storage room for their shipment.

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