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Asset tracking solution by Dipole

When we talk about assets, we are referring to two well-differentiated classifications:

  • RTI (Reusable Transport Items): which are all types of containers, small-load carriers, containers and elements that are used to transport products and articles with or without return.
  • High-value products: such as IT elements, mobile machinery on construction sites or in hospitals, jewellery shops and similar.

With Dipole's RFID solution for Asset Tracking, you can easily associate containers to contents with the details and attributes for each asset (such as part number, expiry date, order date, order number, etc.), giving you full control of the movement of items as well as obtaining traceability.

With smart asset tracking you get

  • Real-time monitoring and recording
    Real-time control and recording of all movements and associated operational tasks.

  • Location
    Location, as well as a comprehensive and detailed view of the location at all times.

  • Eliminate unproductive work
    Eliminate unproductive work of recording data and information by the operator (eliminate administrative work that does not add value to the product).
  • Real knowledge of the situation
    Real knowledge of the situation of each asset, even if it has been moved and put in the wrong place.
  • Instant recording
    Instant and automatic recording of movement at gates between warehouses, warehouse-shop or changing of locations

  • Alerts
    Alerts by dates, batches or other KPIs specific to your business.

  • Mobility
    Mobility, know the actions that are carried out at remote points, take the information wherever you need it.

  • Recording of temperature, humidity
    Record temperature, humidity, record temperature changes in critical processes and products.


Data Suite™ Assets software is well suited for:

It is the ideal software platform that will enable you to intelligently manage your assets, giving you full visibility whenever you need it.

It records movements in real time, without human intervention, to obtain online and live visibility. It updates instantly without batch processes and informs you with alerts. It allows you to visualise the information where the events occur or where you need to make decisions.

Data Suite™ Assets software is well suited for:

RFID merchandise tracking
  • Wooden, metal or plastic containers. Fruit and vegetable pallets.
  • Cages for curing food
  • Trays for food and medicine production processes
  • Cages-Containers for the automotive industry
  • Computer Assets (IT), to control computer hardware
  • Containers for the transport of goods

For more information about the Guaranteed Shipment software module:

RFID Data Suite Software

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