Supply Chain RFID


Supply chain control with technology

Most industries are faced with the challenge of having to move large quantities of goods as efficiently as possible. 

RFID technology enables the supply chain to be a faster process, with less handling by operators and eliminating human error, making it a much more efficient and cost-effective process.

With Dipole’s solution to control the supply chain through RFID technology, it is possible to have all the information on the products in real time, with precise locations.

By identifying each item with Dipole RFID tags, using RFID hardware to read with gateways, portals or portable readers and finally managing its data with Lama Software, we will obtain the comprehensive solution in the supply chain.

The implementation of Dipole’s RFID solutions has many advantages that will give you a competitive edge over your competitors. The most important of these advantages are:

Control and recording

With RFID technology you will have real-time control and recording of all movements and operational tasks associated with your business.

Key data capture

Management of all key data information such as batches, codes, dates or other product-specific properties

Cost reduction

Optimisation of the data-recording process and internal processes lowers operating costs.

Data generation

On-the-fly generation of key business-specific data such as batches, codes, dates or other properties.

Eliminate unproductive work

By automating goods receiving, unproductive work by operators that adds no value to the final product will be eliminated.

Instant registration

Instant and automatic identification of movement at gates between warehouses, warehouse-camera or changing of locations.


Know the actions that are performed in remote dispatch points, obtain the information where it is generated

Automatic location assignment

Automatic indication of locations when searching for goods using Dipole's own software.


RFID Labels

At Dipole, we manufacture a multitude of RFID tags to meet the different needs that each customer may have, and are able to customise their size and materials for each of them. 

Dipole tags are specially designed for the supply chain. They can contain a host of information such as batch number, origin, article code, characteristics.

They are designed to be easy to use and apply to identify any product.


RFID Labels Standard Dipole Solution
RFID Portals Dipole


RFID hardware

At Dipole, we have different portable and fixed RFID readers for your supply chain control solution. These types of RFID readers cover 100% of all user needs in order to provide smart data capture.

Depending on the needs of each client, we will study which type of hardware is the most suitable for each implementation made.

Dipole offers the fixed RFID readers with the most features, power and reading capacity on the market to create an efficient RFID system.



RFID supply chain software

In Dipole we have developed our own RFID software to capture the information and data generated in the environment, and it can be adapted to customers’ specific requirements.

Our software focuses on the customer's problems in order to provide a solution through connectivity and digitalisation.

With the implementation of Dipole's software you can install, connect and use it directly in a way that is easy and intuitive for the user, without requiring in-depth knowledge of RFID technology.


RFID Software Connect

Dipole software has been designed to adapt to different scenarios, according to the needs of each client or sector:

retail smart tag

RFID in retail


RFID in healthcare

fruits and vegetables

RFID food


RFID laundries


RFID industry


RFID in hospitals and healthcare


RFID in the chemical industry


RFID in the pharmaceutical industry

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