Supply Chain RFID


RFID supply chain solution

With Dipole's solutions, your supply chain and business processes will become so ‘intelligent’ that you will be able to drastically reduce your operating costs.

Automating the supply chain through RFID solutions guarantees the reliability of the information.

  • Control and registration
    Real-time movement registration that so management may be performed from a remote centre, or wherever the work is being carried out. Real-time information.

  • Cost reduction
    Data collection and optimisation of internal processes. Reduction of operating costs.

  • Eliminate unproductive work
    Eliminate errors, productivity, guarantee deliveries. Eliminate administrative work that does not add value to the product.
  • Avoid stock breakages
    Avoid stock breakages, inventory reduction, increased customer service. Consumer loyalty.

  • Instant recording
    Obtain live information and immediately create reports without having to wait.

  • Mobility
    Know the actions that are performed at remote reception points, obtain the information where it is generated


Points in the RFID supply chain where Dipole adds value

With Dipole's technology you will be able to automate, simplify or even eliminate the work of capturing information and data that takes place at different points in the supply chain.

By identifying each item with Dipole RFID tags, using RFID hardware to read with gateways, portals or portable readers and finally managing its data with Lama Software, we will obtain the comprehensive solution in the supply chain.

RFID supply chain application
  • Mobility of goods internally and externally
  • Goods receipt and warehouse locations
  • Production, manufacturing and transformation
  • Distribution, warehousing, picking
  • Point of sale, retail, store
  • Customer loyalty

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