RFID Industries


Digital transformation

Dipole's experience, coupled with the significant adaptation of RFID, makes it possible to implement this technology in a large number of industries. RFID is also suitable for those sectors consolidated in Industry 4.0, such as those that are undergoing digital transformation.

RFID technology brings the optimisation and management of processes to reach the global standards of different industries.


fruits and vegetables


It possible to obtain reliable traceability and comply with all safety regulations, thanks to the RFID-Food binomial.

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RFID Industry

Key in data collection in the plant, in production processes, in cost and time optimisation. This means that the RFID technology-Industry association will be beneficial in the short term.

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supply chain

RFID In The Supply Chain

By applying RFID in the supply chain, you gain a competitive advantage. Reduce management times and obtain real-time data.

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RFID Leisure

RFID achieves reliability for both access control at conferences and real-time data recording at sporting events.

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RFID Healthcare

RFID in healthcare provides reliability and speed, facilitating compliance with regulations and asset management.

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retail smart tag

RFID Retail

RFID Retail streamlines processes, continuous product availability, reduces inventory time, increases customer service time.

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RFID Laundries

RFID technology in laundries brings you streamlined processes, traceability of garments, improved service, reduced losses and much more.

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