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Digital transformation

Dipole manufactures RFID products designed to meet the needs of companies and provide them with increased return and optimised processes. Due to its constant renewal, it meets the global standards of digital transformation and the continuous technological advances existing in the industry.

Our engineers, backed by an outstanding professional background, design each product thinking specifically about the needs of each company. In this way, Dipole can guarantee the optimisation of traceability and its processes.

Dipole provides complete solutions: RFID Tags, RFID Hardware and RFID Software.




RFID Labels

We are exclusively dedicated to manufacturing and designing RFID labels for different applications and sectors. From standard labels to labels with special adhesives.

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In Dipole we have different tags for your application, whatever RFID frequency is chosen. Tags according to memory, reading distance, sensitivity, IC, manufacturer, etc.

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RFID Readers

Dipole provides RFID readers with different features for a multitude of applications.  In all of them you will be able to develop your own application or use one developed by Dipole.

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RFID Antennas

The wide variety of antennas provided by Dipole have been chosen to meet the real needs of users, so here you will find the right one for your application.

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RFID Printers

Range of RFID printers to print labels with inserted tags. Models for industrial, desktop, portable and automatic environments.

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RFID Gateways and Portals

Dipole's RFID gateways and portals have been designed for the instant control of movements in circulation areas or loading and unloading bays in industrial environments.

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RFID Software

We provide integration solutions to implement identification technologies with our own software, and we adapt these solutions to our customers’ requirements.

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