RFID Jewelry


Increased efficiency

RFID offers many advantages for the jewellery industry. This technology helps to increase the overall efficiency of logistics operations and improves their accuracy, thus achieving a constant tracking of jewellery items, from inventory to sale.


High performance

The Dipole RFID jewellery solution increases the performance of your supply chain, with a great improvement in the following aspects:

  • Reduce inventory time
  • Reduce receiving time
  • Avoid ‘out of stock’
  • Increase cross-selling
  • Prevent unknown losses

Faster and more accurate inventory

Drastically reduces the time spent on inventory. You won't need to identify items one by one; you can do mass readings. Prevents errors and ensures the accuracy of your inventory.

Increases security

Use RFID technology for electronic jewellery surveillance (EAS). You will be able to integrate your anti-theft system into the RFID tags and deactivate it once the sale has been made. Guarantees the safety of your products.

Know the location of your products

You will be able to know the exact location of each product at all times. Search and find items quickly and easily. Obtain instant information about the products on display.

Guarantees the traceability of your products

You will be able to identify each piece individually, obtaining the traceability of the products in a simple and effective way, from the origin to the final customer; with a comprehensive view of the supply chain practically in real time.

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