RFID for jewelry stores


High-value item identification with RFID

In jewellery, we find products, usually small, such as diamonds, watches, rings, or earrings, which due to their materials and designs, are of high economic value and require precise management.

RFID solutions applied to jewellery significantly improve efficiency in stores and security in the sector, allowing for process automation.

At Dipole, we have developed complete RFID solutions for jewellers that include RFID tags for product identification, hardware for detection, and our own software for data management and visualization, called Lama.


Added value for jewellery

RFID technology in jewellery contributes to increasing brand value by improving the customer experience and operational efficiency. RFID implementation streamlines the process of searching and selecting products, providing a quick and comfortable shopping experience. Well-managed inventory ensures product availability and avoids customer disappointment. Additionally, the increased security and authenticity of jewelry, thanks to the use of RFID tags, generates trust and strengthens the brand's reputation.

The adoption of advanced technologies such as RFID demonstrates the innovation and adaptability of the jewelry industry to market trends, positioning the brand as a leader in the sector. This, along with operational efficiency that allows employees to focus on providing better customer service and engaging in marketing and promotional activities, contributes to increasing brand value and attracting a wider and more diverse audience.

RFID Jewelry

Benefits of RFID technology for jewellery stores

Increases brand prestige

By ensuring authenticity, the RFID solution helps safeguard the brand's reputation and value in the market.


Rigorous inventory control

Meticulous and real-time tracking of each product, reducing errors and discrepancies in stock.


Cost reduction

Improving inventory management efficiency and reducing losses from failures or shrinkage, we are able to lower operating expenses.


Customer knowledge

You will be able to detect customer behaviors, tastes, preferences...

Traceability from start to finish

RFID technology improves product tracking from manufacturing to point of sale.


Thorough supervision of shipments and receipts

Comprehensive monitoring of shipments and product arrival in real-time.


Inventory automation

With accurate and up-to-date inventory information, we can improve planning and avoid stock shortages.


Integration with other systems

Our platform Lama seamlessly integrates with any ERP used by the customer, facilitating decision-making in the field of jewellery and its economic value.

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