RFID In the Food Industry


Achieving traceability with RFID

When we talk here about food, we are referring to the industries that carry out procedures for processing, packaging and storing food products.

Due to its own food safety regulations, this type of industry needs to add a series of data to each manufactured product to obtain traceability. Thus, key data such as:

  • Best-before dates
  • Packaging or production batches
  • Variable weights, gross and net weights
  • Recording of conditions such as temperature, humidity or others


Processes where RFID adds value

There is no doubt that the emergence of RFID technology applied to the food sector has streamlined and optimised all processes in the chain from start to finish and provides real-time data that ensures food safety and compliance with traceability regulations. Some of the processes where RFID adds value are:

  • Identifying codes, dates and supplier batches upon reception
  • Capturing data during processing
  • Labelling according to traceability regulations
  • Obtain full visibility of the productivity
  • Avoid obsolete or out-of-date stock with proper inventory alert management
  • Guarantee shipments to your customers
  • Integrate real-time movements and data with your IT system, ERP, MES, WMS or other systems

Raw material reception

By using RFID technology for the reception of goods, you will manage to reduce manpower by not needing to ‘disassemble’ the pallets. You will also obtain the highest reliability in data capture by entering the information into your management system or ERP.

Warehouse management

Whether it is raw material, semi-finished product or finished product, warehouse management using RFID enables you to leave and pick up goods without human interaction. Use alerts to keep track of your KPIs.

RFID online in processes

With the use of RFID tags and strategically positioned antennas, we will automatically add the information generated in each process and we will obtain the data in real time with the alerts and deviation parameters.

EAN-GS1-128 labelling

Drag and drop data to the outputs of each pallet creation line, associating the inputs, sizes, varieties and related data to the pallets created. Time control per line.

Forward and backward traceability

With the Dipole Data Suite you will be able to obtain the forward and backward traceability of prepared products. Tracing batches, dates, varieties, weights, sizes and related data to the product.

Dipole works with international standards such as GS1, allowing its products to be exported to the EU and the USA in compliance with European and FDA regulations.

Guarantee shipments

The importance of efficient delivery ensures customer loyalty. Check truckloads, orders, batches and dates prior to loading.


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