book management with RFID


Comprehensive library management

RFID technology digitalizes the management of libraries and book distributors to achieve greater efficiency and coordination in all stages of book management.

By incorporating RFID technology into the library management process, we achieve thorough control over all units and their real-time location, whether they are on shelves, in warehouses, or in transit. This allows us to increase inventory control because we can identify potential supply chain issues before they occur.

With Dipole's solution, we can ensure control over all elements involved in book management processes, from the acquisition of new works by suppliers to automating inventories in stores and warehouses, payment management, and order shipment tracking for customers.


Better customer experience

RFID technology not only facilitates library management but also allows us to implement different solutions that will improve the customer experience when they come to shop in stores or even when making online purchases.

Thanks to the Lama software developed by Dipole, we will be able to have updated inventories that will help us provide quick responses to customers when they inquire about a specific title. We will also be able to easily and quickly locate books on a shelf without the need for direct visibility of the item.

Waiting times in queues can be a significant source of frustration for customers and often result in an unsatisfactory user experience. The solutions we propose at Dipole with RFID hardware will streamline the payment processes and drastically reduce waiting times.

bookstore customer experience

Benefits of RFID Technology for bookstores 

Book Localization

RFID technology allows us to have precise location tracking of each book within the bookstore or warehouses.


Book Entry and Exit Registration

We will have all incoming and outgoing movements of products from our bookstore registered.


Anti-Theft Control in Bookstores

RFID systems can help prevent book theft. Sensors located at the exits detect any book that has not been registered for loan, reducing the risk of material loss.


Improved Customer

Experience Faster book searches, instant availability checks, and streamlined payments greatly enhance the user experience.

Automated inventories

We will be able to have the inventory of all books in a short time and effortlessly.

Streamlining at the point of sale

With the appropriate hardware, we will be able to streamline the sales process, reducing customer waiting times and improving their experience.


Reducing material wear and tear

Since books with RFID tags do not need to be manipulated as much for inventories or searching for other books, material wear and tear is reduced.


Integration with ERP

Our software Lama can be integrated with other management systems or CRMs to have access to all the information.

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