RFID Industry


RFID technology for industrial applications

Dipole has been the pioneer in the use of RFID technology for industrial applications and optimisation of production processes. Obtaining higher productivity, reducing direct manpower in processes that do not add value to the product and achieving a clear improvement of schedules and forecasts is a fundamental part of being competitive in today's world.

Capturing data where it is not humanly possible and tracking time, with its traceability and added features, are some of the key contributions of RFID technology in industrial processes.


Processes where RFID adds value

There is no doubt that the emergence of RFID technology applied to the industrial sector has optimised and added dynamism to all the processes of the chain, from start to finish. Some of the processes where RFID adds value are:

  • In the supplies of production lines
  • Process control of each production line
  • Asset management or asset-tracking
  • Gain complete visibility of the productivity
  • Place alerts at strategic points to avoid production errors
  • Carry out the packaging with all associated production data
  • Integrate real-time movements and data with your IT system, ERP, MES, WMS or other systems

Industry 4.0 visibility

Dashboard for the visibility of KPIs of productive processes. With RFID, live and reliable data can be monitored as soon as events occur.

Process control and digitisation

Assurance of the production processes with their intermediate semi-finished products and time control. Management of direct staff and traceability matching.

Package and product identification

Smart packaging identification, matching product information with customers’ orders or shipments. Validation for printing the packing list.

RFID Industry


RFID Automotive

The automotive industry is digitising its processes and connecting all products with RFID technology to reduce workloads and verify tasks automatically.

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RFID Chemistry

The chemical industry requires continuous innovation and RFID technology provides the solution for the challenges you may face, whether related to traceability, identification or production processes.

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RFID Metal Industry

RFID technology in the metals sector helps achieve the automation required by the global standards of this industry.

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RFID Pharmaceutical

RFID technology achieves great benefits in the pharmaceutical industry, such as process and time control, or total staff management and traceability matching.

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Laboratory RFID

La technologie RFID garantit l’identification, le suivi et le contrôle précis dans les laboratoires.

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RFID Construction

RFID technology in the construction industry ensures accurate identification of all types of materials, providing better management of manufacturing processes, safety and quality control.

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