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Smart Identification

Dipole RFID is a company formed in Barcelona, Spain with more than 20 years of experience in the field of intelligent identification, data capture and systems integration.

The Dipole team has the experience of having built over 5,000 end user facilities in traceability, smart identification, labeling and data capture and has been a crucial player in the introduction of RFID technology in Spain.

Dipole RFID is the pioneer of the introduction of industrial RFID in Spain since 2003

What do we do?

How do we do it?

Dipole RFID provides a broad range of solutions to intelligently identify, capture data and share information for any type of company in order to optimize their processes, share information with third parties based on set standards and, ultimately, support businesses in obtaining tangible benefit from the use of RFID technologies. The goal is clear:

The goal is clear:


"To provide real-time, reliable, vivid and meaningful data so you can make informed decisions."


"To reduce costs in the capture and management of data by eliminating effort that does not add value to the final product."


''To provide you with the best tools so that you can meet traceability and safety standards.''

By developing robust and user friendly solutions which can be integrated with the work systems of businesses.


Simple, practical and cost-effective solutions


Combining legacy technologies with advanced identification technologies


With the advantage of in house development, we do not rely on distant technological development centers


Developing solutions for processes common to a wide variety of companies


Applying these solutions to specific market sectors


Integrating the data in your system in real time: IT, ERP, MES, WMS and others

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Main applications

RFID / NFC Solutions

RFID / NFC: solutions to optimize processes, industry 4.0, internet of things.

RFID Labels and Tags Manufacturing

Manufacturing and RFID Tags: we manufacture tags to measure according to your needs.


Services: consulting and RFID software for industry 4.0, systems integration.