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Effective monitoring

By applying RFID technology in the footwear sector, you will achieve real and accurate tracking throughout the production process. You will be able to reduce the time spent on your business tasks while maintaining complete control of the entire supply chain.


Overall performance

The RFID footwear solution offered by Dipole enables you to gain effective control over your products, in addition to increasing the overall performance of your supply chain. Some of the most notable advantages of RFID are in the following areas:

  • Reduction of reception and shipment times
  • Accurate and fast inventory
  • Avoid ‘out of stock’
  • Prevention of unknown losses
  • Controlled production

Fast and accurate inventory

RFID will allow you to drastically reduce the time spent on inventory tasks, while increasing accuracy and reliability. You'll be able to identify data much more quickly and automatically, and keep it up to date at all times.

Avoid ‘out of stock’

The exact knowledge of the inventory and sold items provided by RFID technology will enable you to adjust your stock according to the existing demand at any given time. You will be able to create alerts to control the number of items available, thus providing consumers with all the options. Build customer loyalty.

Speed up replenishment

An effective control of the products available at any given moment will give you a clear understanding of your real needs. As a result, you can make immediate replenishments when and where they are needed, keeping customer satisfaction intact.


RFID gives each item a unique identifier, which ensures its correct traceability. This way, you will be able to store and consult the relevant information for each product, keeping it permanently updated.

Logistics with RFID

With RFID technology you can have a comprehensive and detailed view of the entire supply chain, from manufacturing to the point of sale. Streamline processes, simplify jobs that don't add value, reduce your production costs, and ensure that your products are where the consumer needs them.

Guarantee shipments

RFID gives you the reliability to guarantee shipments by ensuring that the load is correct and in the pre-set order. Prevent errors in deliveries to your customers, thus avoiding the associated costs that this can entail.

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