RFID footwear


Unique identification of each product with RFID

In the footwear and accessories industry, maintaining accurate and efficient inventory control is essential to ensure proper management, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction. RFID technology allows us to have individual control of products, significantly improving efficiency and accuracy in item management.

At Dipole, we develop comprehensive footwear and accessory product control solutions using RFID tags, readers, and specialized software to achieve real-time tracking and localization of each item, from production to sale, offering multiple benefits to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in the sector.

Our solutions not only facilitate real-time tracking of each item, but also contribute to greater security and brand protection.


Automated inventories with RFID

Managing inventories involves dealing with many items and references, making this task a complex process that requires time and personnel. Our inventory solution facilitates the automation of these processes, eliminating the need for human intervention in their execution.

An efficient inventory control system allows us to maintain a constant flow of products and prevent stock outs. As a result, resources are optimized, and sales performance is improved.

Lama, Dipole's RFID management software, simplifies product administration in stores, warehouses, and transit, ensuring real-time updates and facilitating inventory organization.

RFID Footwear Inventory

Benefits of RFID technology for footwear and accessories


Inventory management accuracy

Exact and real-time tracking of each product unit, reducing errors and discrepancies in inventory.


Cost reduction

By improving inventory management efficiency and minimizing losses due to errors or shrinkage, we can reduce operating costs.


Accurate shipping and receiving information

Complete control of product shipments and real-time reception.


Integration with other systems

Our Lama software seamlessly integrates with any customer's ERP, making decision-making easier.

Improved traceability

RFID technology facilitates product traceability throughout the entire supply chain, from the manufacturer to the point of sale.

Brand protection

By ensuring the authenticity and origin of the products, the RFID solution contributes to protecting the reputation and value of the brand in the market.

Improved stock planning

With accurate and up-to-date inventory information, we can improve planning and avoid stockouts.

Returns and warranty tracking

Unique information allows for a detailed record of returns and warranties, simplifying management and improving customer service.

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