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Optimised healthcare sector

RFID technology in the healthcare sector is being used more and more frequently to provide reliability and speed. It streamlines the procedures generated in the sector, improving the traceability of analyses and reports, as well as offering patients a more personalised service

RFID leads to an overall improvement in industry processes. Dipole's integral solutions in healthcare successfully eliminate search times or time spent writing manual notes, with end-to-end tracking of assets.


Processes where RFID adds value

The application of RFID technology in healthcare is key to optimising procedures and patient care, streamlining all processes, from start to finish. Some of the processes where RFID adds value are:

  • Product and sample inventories.
  • Gain speed in reading the products.
  • Control of movements between floors or areas.
  • Date control and information registration, thus reducing security risks.
  • Real-time patient identification and management.
  • Traceability in clinical analysis.
  • Accurate recording of drugs.

Increased patient safety

Patient identification with bracelets can combine RFID and barcode technologies, using the most convenient system in each case. You will be able to record the actions performed on the patient in real time.

Real-time management

All movements managed without human intervention, in real time. Dashboard and interfaces with your ERP or management software.

Instant inventory

Inventorying with RFID reduces time and provides relevant information about the product, enabling you to withdraw it at that precise moment. Dates and batches are obtained when taking inventory.

Traceability of analyses

As regards this other aspect of health, RFID brings unquestionable value to monitoring the processes carried out for clinical analyses, monitoring of blood bags, control of culture processes in GMP laboratories.

RFID Healthcare


RFID Hospital

RFID in hospitals brings reliability and speed to patients’ safety in the supply of doses, traceability of blood bags or asset management

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