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Readers are grouped as follows: Fixed Readers Portable or Handheld Readers USB Desktop Readers Forklift Readers These 4 large segments of RFID readers cover almost 100% of all users' needs and provide answers to intelligent data capture. To all of them except the manual, you can use a wide range of antennas that multiply the possibilities of adaptability to almost all market sectors.


RFID Reader Zebra FX7500

The new FX7500 fixed RFID reader incorporates advanced RFID radio technology that offers faster, more accurate reading and more consistent performance even in demanding environments. The new radio is combined with a more flexible Linux-based network architecture that integrates the open standards interfaces and tools necessary for quick and easy deployment with RFID and backend applications.

The result is a fixed RFID reader that sets a new standard of performance, offering maximum performance at all times, with excellent read sensitivity and better interference rejection at a lower cost per read point, achieving up to 1200 identifications per second. This performance makes it ideal for RFID systems that are installed in sectors such as retail, warehouse management, transportation or factories.



Product Description Zebra FX7500

The FX7500 features a slim and attractive form factor, with a low profile and compact size that makes it suitable for virtually any business environment. It's also great for the bottom line, with an impressive set of features that add tremendous value to enterprise-grade applications.

It has a sturdy construction made of die-cast aluminum, sheet metal and plastic with dimensions of 19.56cm x 14.99cm x 4.32cm and a weight of 860 g.

Product code:

Global 4-port: FX7500-42325A50-WR

Global 2-port: FX7500-22325A50-WR

ETSI 4-port: FX7500-42321A5S-ER

  • Technology: UHF
  • Frequency: UHF ETSI 865-868 MHz, UHF Global 860-960 MHz
  • Reader Type: Fixed Readers
  • Transmit Power Output: 31.5 dBm
  • Max Receive Sensitivity: -82 dBm
  • Power supply: 802.3af PoE+, 802.3af PoE, AC-DC Power Supply
  • Communications: USB, Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Antenna Ports: 2 Ports, 4 Ports
  • ISO: ISO 18000-6C, EPC Class 1 Gen 2
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C to 55 °C / -4 °F to 131 °F
  • Size: 196mm x 150mm x43mm - 7.72in x 5.91inx1.69in

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