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RFID technology helps the business structure to optimise production processes by collecting data information throughout the work progress for maximum productivity.

Continuous identification throughout the process with RFID systems provides data such as location of materials, traceability history, status of parts, etc., along with complete synchronisation of all data in seconds.

The objective of Industry 4.0 is for all the processes that make up the ‘work in progress’ of an industrial process to be synchronised with an autonomous, digitised system; to achieve this, parts, products or materials are identified with RFID tags and equipped with different RFID hardware components such as antennas and readers that capture and process this information and make it accessible to the user.

Implementation of Dipole’s RFID process optimisation solution has many advantages that will give you a competitive edge over your competitors. The most important of these advantages are:

Eliminate unproductive work

Work that does not add value to the final product such as data logging will be eliminated by automating the data recording.

Increase efficiency

By centring on the business’s main focus, you can boost the efficiency of your operational tasks.

Reduce stocks

Thanks to resource optimisations, you can reduce stocks in raw materials, production, distribution or store.

Know the traceability

Identification enables you to know the traceability of the products and their processes.

Use ‘dash-boards’

Use operational control panels or ‘dash-boards’ for instant situational awareness and confident decision making.


Know the actions that are carried out at remote points, take and obtain the information wherever you need it.


Set up a system of alerts by dates, batches or other KPIs specific to your business.

Integrate data

Integrate data by leveraging it with simple and effective business analytics.



RFID Labels

Dipole manufactures its labels in a multitude of materials and they can be in fully customisable sizes, in order to cover all our customers’ needs.

At Dipole, you will find tags specially designed to optimise processes with RFID.

They can contain a multitude of information and are easy to use and apply for product and processes identification.

RFID Labels Standard Dipole Solution
Universal RFID Antennas


RFID Hardware

Dipole has different readers specially designed to optimise RFID processes. 

Depending on the needs of each client, we will study which type of hardware is the most suitable for each implementation made.

Dipole offers RFID antennas and RFID readers with the most features, power and reading capacity in the market, to create an efficient RFID system.



Logiciel RFID pour l’optimisation des processus

Dipole has developed its RFID software to capture the information and data generated in the environment, and it can be adapted to customers’ specific requirements.

Dipole's software focuses on the customer's problems in order to provide an efficient software solution.

With the implementation of Dipole's software you can install, connect and use it directly in a way that is easy and intuitive for the user.

RFID Software Connect

Dipole software has been designed to adapt to different scenarios, according to the needs of each client or sector:


RFID in automotive


RFID in industry

supply chain

RFID in supply chains

fruits and vegetables

RFID in food


RFID in healthcare


RFID in the pharmaceutical industry


RFID in the chemical industry

retail smart tag

RFID retail

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