Processes With RFID


Dipole's solutions provide you with:

A wide range of tools to optimise your business processes. Take advantage of the benefits offered by the application of new technologies in your company.

Optimising processes with RFID will increase the efficiency of operational tasks, eliminating unproductive work, as well as modernising and digitising the entire process.

  • Eliminate unproductive work
    Eliminate the unproductive work of recording data and information by the operator (eliminate administrative work that does not add value to the product).

  • Increase efficiency
    Increase the efficiency of your operational tasks by centring on your business focus.

  • Reduce stocks
    Reduce stocks in raw materials, production, distribution or store.

  • Know the traceability
    To know the traceability of the products and their processes.
  • Use dash-boards
    Use ‘dash-boards’ or operational control panels for instant situational awareness and confident decision making.

  • Warnings
    Alerts by dates, batches or other KPIs specific to your business.

  • Mobility
    Mobility, know the actions that are carried out at remote points, take and obtain the information wherever you need it.

  • Integrate data
    Integrate data by leveraging it with simple and effective business analytics.


Simplify with reliability. Reduction of operating costs

Dipole's RFID solutions update or modernise, simplify and add reliability to traditional production and logistics processes.

Thanks to this digitisation, you can eliminate unproductive work and reduce operational costs for your company or business project, especially those that need reliable, real-time data.

Process Optimization with RFID
  • Agile process management; zero waste; elimination of non-value added tasks.
  • Control of the production to harmonise its different processes and consider them as units or companies within the chain itself.
  • Manufacturing Execution System, management and monitoring of production processes in the plant.
  • Record the materials and processes involved in the manufacture and distribution of products.

For more information about the Guaranteed Shipment software module:

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