RFID Software Dipole


Ensures data capture with RFID gateways

A software platform designed and engineered to capture data dynamically and intelligently across any business structure and industry.

  • Captured data are managed intelligently to give them a practical meaning and make them ready for action
  • It is capable of controlling in real time the physical movements of goods, containers, people, returnable assets and others, without human intervention
  • It integrates with any ERP, WMS, MES, business management software or any other application, even in Kanban, Lean and other procedures.

Install, connect and operate. No need for in-depth knowledge of RFID and NFC technologies, the software does all the work.

  • It connects to the hardware and adopts its features.
  • It has several pre-defined scenarios, enabling you to configure them.
  • Provides ready-to-use data: ‘what’ has been read, ‘where’ it has been read, ‘when’ it has been read
  • Optionally you can obtain the ‘status’ and ‘directionality’

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