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Production control

RFID technology revolutionizes the agricultural sector, digitizing this industry so that fruit and vegetable producers and distributors can use it to achieve greater efficiency and coordination in all stages of production.

By incorporating RFID technology into the fruit and vegetable production process, we gain comprehensive control over all units and their real-time location, whether in the fields, warehouses, or in transit. This allows us to increase quality control because we can identify potential issues in the supply chain before they occur.

With Dipole's solution, we can ensure control over all elements involved in the production processes, from receiving inputs from suppliers to dispatching the final fruit, even to its arrival at the points of sale.


Accurate and automated traceability

One of the most important aspects in this sector is being able to guarantee accurate traceability of products, verifying that all processes have been carried out correctly.

From supplier registration to monitoring the input and output of different batches in the chambers, or assigning these batches to a final production, all these steps are automatically recorded using RFID technology, without the need for operator intervention. This leads to increased data integrity and cost reduction.

To manage the large volume of data generated by RFID technology, Dipole has developed Lama, the software that manages and connects with other customer management systems such as ERPs and databases.

Fruits and vegetables with RFID

Benefits of RFID technology for the fruit industry

Automated traceability

RFID technology allows for tracking the product from start to ensure precise control.


Management of raw material inputs and outputs

RFID technology ensures a complete record of fruit and vegetable receptions and shipments.


Reduction of product loss

We are able to reduce product loss by having all inventory identified at all times.


Expiration date control

In a perishable product like fruits and vegetables, it is essential to maintain accurate records to prevent spoilage.

Real-time tracking of product location

Real-time location of products within the warehouse.


Increased operational efficiency

By automating tasks, we achieve more efficient processes.


Minimization of human errors

By automating processes, RFID can reduce human errors in traceability recording.


Integration with ERP

Our Lama software can be integrated with other management systems or CRMs to have access to all the information.

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