Fruits Vegetables RFID


Comprehensive data capture

With RFID technology in fruit and vegetables, you can capture data at source by associating data such as harvesting dates, field and plot, crew and moisture conditions to each pallet, which is key to providing traceability.

You will achieve data management of raw material, semi-finished product or finished product, enabling you to leave and pick up goods without human interaction. Use alerts to keep track of your KPIs.



With Dipole's Data Suite you will be able to obtain forward and backward traceability of the prepared products. Tracing batches, dates, varieties, weights, sizes and related data to the product.

Dipole works with international standards such as GS1, meaning that you can export your products to the EU and the USA in compliance with European and FDA regulations.

  • Inputs and storage rooms
    Control of field inputs with weight and batch management. Entry into the storage room with real-time inventory control with ripening time alerts or other associated processes.

  • Pre-sizing management
    Association of incoming batches to each pre-sizing pallet, thus guaranteeing traceability. Time in the storage room of pre-sized products and availability for the preparation process.

  • Production control
    Drag and drop data to the outputs of each pallet production line, associating the inputs, sizes, varieties and related data to the pallets produced. Time control per line.

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