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Improve user experience

The leisure industry continues to experiment with automation to improve users’ needs and optimise the entire process. For this reason, RFID technology is the most suitable technology to achieve digital transformation in order to improve both the customer’s experience and the company's profitability.

Obtain reliable data records for real-time data processing, whether for sports events or for access control at congresses.


Processes where RFID adds value

The application of RFID technology in the leisure sector is key to optimising the large amount of data that can be generated by a sports event or a congress. Some of the processes where RFID adds value are:

  • Data capture of bibs or sports tags.
  • Data management and integration with your software.
  • Customised labels with the necessary requirements.
  • Complete event management solution
  • RFID tags to be attached to badges or accreditations.
  • Optimisation in the capture of accreditation data.

RFID readers and antennas

We provide all types of hardware to read and capture information from sports tags or event passes. RFID readers and antennas for portals, RFID floor antennas, cables and other complementary elements.

Software and SDKs

You don’t need to understand RFID. We provide you with the software tools and SDKs to simply integrate it with your software, controlling the hardware and managing the read data.

RFID tags

RFID tags to insert into your cardboard, paper or plastic badges. We deliver them with or without printing, as well as engraved with your personalised chip codes.

RFID Leisure

sports events

RFID Sports Events

Sports events need comprehensive RFID technology of readers, antennas, tags, RFID bibs, software and other additional elements.

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RFID Congresses

Access control with RFID technology at conferences, fairs, concerts and exhibitions is a necessary component to verify and allow attendance.

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RFID Libraries

RFID technology for libraries makes it easy to identify books, documents and other bibliographic materials in a simple and efficient way, in addition to digitizing all the information and making it instantly accessible.

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