Chemical Industry RFID


Transformation with RFID

The chemical industry, considered to be at the forefront of innovation, digitizes processes with technologies such as RFID, enabling a transformation of development, production and supply. By applying this technology, we achieve flexibility and performance throughout the supply chain.

Identification with RFID technology in the chemical industry ensures we have full visibility of all products and items, thus facilitating safe and quick decisions.


Ensure visibility

RFID identification technologies ensure that the global quality standards that are so demanding in this industry are met. For that purpose, Dipole designs and manufactures different RFID products that will meet the demands of the industry, so that whatever your application is, we can guarantee better visibility and control of the production process. 

Dipole’s products lead to Industry 4.0 and IOT applications.

  • Chemistry standards
    Our products meet the global standards of the chemical industry.

  • Customised products
    We can manufacture customised RFID products and special antenna designs.

  • Deliveries
    Small and large deliveries, as required by the application.

  • Customisation
    Customisation and custom coding.

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