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Wide range of RFID antennas

RFID antennas are used to read RFID tags in warehouses, production lines, stores, medical centres, sports events, etc. The wide variety of antennas provided by Dipole have been chosen to meet users’ real needs, so here you will find the right one for your application.

An antenna creates a three-dimensional field of action around it called a ‘beam’, ‘pattern’, ‘radiation stop’ or ‘bulb’.

The differences between the various RFID antennas that exist can be summarised in two features:

  • For short or long action: the choice depends on the amplitude that we want to read
  • For high or low field density: the choice depends on the nature of the products to be read and the quantity to be read at the same time

The main features are:

  • Multiple frequency bands.
  • Indoor/outdoor mounting options
  • Low axial ratio - defines the quality of circular polarisation, improves the reading reliability of RFID tags.
  • Robust design - these RFID antennas are the most commonly used.
  • For difficult environments such as warehouses and production lines.
  • All metal construction.
  • Left-handed (LH) circular polarisation and right-handed (RH) circular polarisation.
  • Vertical Linear Polarisation (VPOL) and Horizontal Linear Polarization (HPOL).

RFID Antennas

Dipole Universal RFID Antennas Miniature

Universal RFID Antennas

Standard UHF RFID antennas that can be used in multiple RFID applications and systems. These are indoor antennas that are mostly used for warehouses or industrial processes. For UHF frequencies prepared to capture tags up to 14 metres away; the range can be regulated depending on the features of the reader and the tag being read.

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Long Range RFID Antennas Dipole Miniature

Long-Range RFID Antennas

Long-range UHF RFID antennas that can be used in multiple applications and systems. These antennas are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For UHF frequencies prepared to capture tags up to 18 metres away; the range can be regulated depending on the features of the reader and the tag.

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Short Range RFID Antennas Dipole Miniature

Short-Range RFID Antennas

RFID near-field antennas are antennas prepared to act near the product at both the point of sale and on production lines. They are fast and efficient in dense liquid and product environments. In this type of antenna there are no blind spots; everything within the antenna surface is detected and it reacts well to metal objects.

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Rugged Dipole RFID Antennas Miniature

Rugged RFID Antennas

Rugged RFID antennas can be placed outdoors or on trolleys. These antennas have high IP protection and have been designed to receive shocks or be exposed to outdoor environments or complex industrial environments. Here you will find what you need, from an outdoor reading pole or an antenna to place on a forklift or industrial vehicle.

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Floor Antenna RFID Mats Dipole Miniature

Ground RFID Antennas

Ground RFID antennas can be of different polarities and sizes. The critical aspect is how they are going to be used and environment where they will be. We have antennas for sports events, events in general, for factories, hospitals, etc. In this case, the most important feature is the robustness and durability.

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