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RFID technology for safety and efficiency in laboratories

RFID technology in laboratories allows precise identification and tracking of the different items and materials in the laboratory. Being able to easily and effectively identify laboratory equipment, samples, sensitive materials and the people involved in laboratory processes helps to avoid errors and improve efficiency in their handling and use.

With the implementation of RFID technology in laboratories, you obtain a quick and easy reading of information, resulting in a reduction of the time and effort required to perform certain tasks. In addition, the use of RFID technology also helps improve safety in the laboratory by enabling more accurate tracking and control of hazardous items and materials.

Dipole has designed specific RFID tags resistant to the chemicals and extreme temperatures used in laboratories.


Resistance to freezing, chemical and sterilisation processes


To achieve complete identification in laboratories, Dipole has developed RFID tags that can withstand the high temperatures and pressure generated during disinfection and sterilisation.

RFID tags have also been developed so that they can be subjected to freezing processes and their performance is not affected by temperatures.

The other major problem that we resolve with the family of RFID tags for laboratories is resistance to the chemicals used that can damage them.

Thanks to the whole set of RFID tags designed by Dipole, we can guarantee the use of RFID in the whole laboratory environment.

Autoclave in laboratory

Benefits of RFID technology for laboratories

Accurate identification and tracking

Accurate identification and tracking of the items and materials involved in laboratory processes.


Quick and easy reading of information

Immediate access to information in a simple and efficient way.


Reduction of time and effort

Eliminate operators’ unproductive work of recording data and information (eliminating administrative work that does not add value to the product).


Improved laboratory safety

Laboratory workers can quickly and accurately identify different materials and chemicals, thus avoiding incorrect use or handling.

Improved productivity and efficiency

The automation and recording of information improve productivity and efficiency in laboratories.


Effective monitoring and control

Increased ability to track and control items and materials in the laboratory.


Temperature and chemical resistance

Laboratory RFID tags are resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals used in laboratories.


Collect and analyse data in real time

Real-time data accessibility and data analysis with the Dipole RFID software.


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