RFID in clothing stores


Point of Sale (POS) Management

In the dynamic and competitive fashion and textile retail sector, having control over all products is essential to ensure proper management, optimize costs, and improve customer satisfaction at the point of sale.

RFID technology allows us to track each item individually, improving efficiency and accuracy in the management of textile and fashion products.

Our RFID solutions for the textile and fashion world offer an essential tool for the industry, improving processes, profitability, and responsibility in the industry, positioning it at the forefront of innovation and sustainability.


Unit Product Identification

In Dipole, we offer a solution for the identification of textile products that involves the entire production process. It is a system composed of RFID tags, readers, and management software that offers an efficient and accurate tool for tracking fashion items from the production point to the end customer.

Implementing this solution allows for greater visibility throughout the supply chain, facilitating inventory management and item identification in warehouses or stores.

With RFID technology, we have the ability to monitor products in real-time, allowing companies to identify and address issues in the supply chain, reduce product loss, minimize human errors, and improve efficiency in the replenishment process.

RFID Fashion Textile

Accurate inventory management

Exact and real-time monitoring of each item, minimizing errors and discrepancies in inventory.


Cost reduction

By optimizing inventory management efficiency and reducing losses due to errors or shrinkage, we can decrease operational costs.


Detailed control of shipments and receptions

Complete supervision of shipments and product receptions in real-time.


Compatibility with other systems

Our Lama platform seamlessly adapts to any ERP used by the client, simplifying decision-making.

Optimization of traceability

RFID technology improves product traceability throughout the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the point of sale.


Brand protection

By guaranteeing the authenticity and origin of products, the RFID solution helps protect the reputation and value of the brand in the market.


Inventory automation

By having accurate and updated inventory information, we can optimize planning and prevent stock shortages.


Returns management and warranty tracking

Unique information facilitates comprehensive returns and warranty tracking, streamlining management and improving customer service.

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