RFID Fashion Textile


End-to-end control

Dipole RFID has multiple solutions for garment control with RFID tags and labels, according to your needs and global industry standards. Updates and digitises end-to-end processes to increase productivity and data control.


High performance

The Dipole RFID Textile Fashion solution increases the performance of your supply chain, with a great improvement in the following aspects:

  • Reduce inventory time
  • Reduce receiving time
  • Avoid ‘out of stock’
  • Increase cross-selling
  • Prevent unknown losses

Accurate and fast inventory

Drastic reduction of inventory time with the highest accuracy and reliability. You'll know what you have when you need it, and you will be able to spend more time on customer service.

Avoid ‘out of stock’

With an accurate knowledge of the inventory and the items sold, you will adjust your stocks and customers won’t have to leave without finding their size, colour, model, etc. Build customer loyalty.

Speed up replenishment

Receive items instantly and know what needs to be immediately replenished, where and when it's needed. It will keep your consumers satisfied.

RFID anti-theft systems

RFID technology can also be used for electronic article surveillance (EAS) as well as for logistics and inventory processes. An all-in-one that is deactivated at the cash register when the sale is made.

Tags - source tagging

Using RFID tags from the start increases the speed of the entire supply chain, as well as the information and decision making ability, meaning that articles are ready to reach the shelves.

Textile logistics with RFID

The entire supply chain, from manufacturing to point of sale. Streamline processes, simplify non-value-added work, place items when and where the consumer needs them.

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