RFID Solutions

Dipole RFID Solutions specializes in the field of Radio Frequency Identification and traceability technology. Dipole RFID Solutions offers a complete range of systems and applications, including hardware, software services and label solutions.

Dipole RFID develops all RFID Label solutions you need to help your business implement this robust technology in an easy, efficient and cost effective way. Our range of solutions and products cover a broad range of business needs and processes. We will help you to optimize your processes, information systems and your overall connectivity and reliability.

RFID Solutions: Is your current data reliable?

One of the major concerns for businesses is to ensure the "reliability of data" with high security.  Reliable and secure data is necessary in the decision making process, allowing businesses to move forward with immediacy and time saving principles.

Dipole RFID solutions can provide you with:

Reliability and Security in data collection

Online Data Collection


RFID Solutions: Do you spend too much time and resources on testing and data verification?

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of time and human resources required for your company to carry out testing procedures, introduction of manual processes, obtaining accurate data and reporting followed by the process of verification of its accuracy and reliabililty?

Dipole RFID solutions can provide you with:

Automated data entry into your softwaare managment system

Avoiding the dedication of HR to processes that do not add value to your company

Integration of RFID systems for industrial process control

Development of custom RFID solutions

Neuron Software solution for traceability

Inventory management

Industry 4.0

RFID Labeling Solutions

RFID in store and logistics centers