RFID Drinks


Innovation in the Beverage Sector with RFID

RFID technology is propelling the beverage sector into a new digital dimension, offering producers and distributors precise tools to enhance efficiency and coordination throughout the entire production chain.

By incorporating RFID in the production and distribution of beverages, a comprehensive overview is achieved: from the selection of raw materials, through production and packaging processes, to delivery to the end consumer. This constant monitoring capability strengthens quality control, allowing for the identification and correction of challenges before they become actual problems.

With Dipole's solution, both logistics and inventory control are perfected, ensuring proactive management and a more agile response to market demands.


Quality and Transparency in the Beverage Industry

Traceability is crucial in the beverage industry, ensuring that each product maintains the highest standards of quality and safety at every stage of its lifecycle.

From the supplier selection phase to the precise monitoring of the conditions under which beverages are produced and stored, every step is recorded and validated using RFID technology. This precision in data collection reduces the chances of human error, ensures consistent quality, and minimizes operational costs.

To handle this rich source of information provided by RFID, Dipole offers our software Lama, designed to interpret, manage, and provide insights based on this data, seamlessly integrating with other ERP or management systems that the client may use. Thus, Dipole positions itself as the perfect ally for impeccable management in the beverage industry.

Logistic processes with RFID

Benefits of RFID technology for the beverage sector.


Automated identification

RFID tags allow for the unique identification of each bottle or batch, facilitating inventory control and preventing errors in delivery or storage.


Quality control

Real-time tracking of parameters such as temperature, humidity, or fermentation times ensures the product meets the desired quality standards.


Automated traceability

From the selection of raw materials to the point of sale, the RFID system offers complete traceability. Any irregularity can be detected and corrected quickly.


Cost reduction

Automating inventory management and quick fault detection in the supply chain reduces losses and optimizes resources.



Integration with management systems

Management software, such as Lama from Dipole, allows the integration of data collected by RFID with other ERP or management systems, providing a holistic view of the production process.


Automated inventories

We can have an inventory of all products in a short time and effortlessly.


Effective reduction of human errors

By automating processes with RFID technology, human errors in traceability registration are significantly minimized.


Quick Response to the market

RFID management facilitates adaptation to market demands, allowing for more agile productions and quick responses to emerging trends.

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