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RFID to guarantee dispatches

The shipment loading process is a key point for quality when delivering orders to customers. RFID technology guarantees a correct shipping process, eliminates errors, reduces non-value-added costs and optimises resources.

With Dipole's solutions, you can guarantee shipments and avoid errors in deliveries to your customers, with all the associated costs that they may entail.

Thanks to Dipole's integrated solution with RFID tags, its own software designed for top performance and the development of the hardware needed to manage the entire process, we are able to reduce human error during shipping and optimise loading times.

All the information generated during shipments is instantly accessible by connecting the most innovative RFID technology with the most powerful software developed by Dipole to offer valuable information to companies that implement it.

The implementation of Dipole's RFID shipment assurance solution will give you a huge competitive advantage over your direct competitors. The most important of these advantages are:

Real-time monitoring and recording

You will be able to access in real time to all the information of the truck loads and dispatches and thus be able to keep a proper control and record.

Data Generation

On-the-fly generation of key business-specific data, such as load date records or other properties.

Eliminate unproductive work

Eliminate the unproductive work of recording data and information by the operator (eliminate administrative work that does not add value to the product).

Instant recording

Instant and automatic recording of movement at gates between warehouses, warehouse-camera or changing of locations.

Validation alerts

Validation alerts by order matching, dates, batches or other KPIs specific to your business.


Groupage validation alerts

Groupage validation alerts by matching with the forwarding instructions or other KPIs specific to your business routes.



Know the actions that are performed in remote dispatch points, obtain the information where it is generated.


Automatic indication of locations

Automatic indication of locations when searching for goods using Dipole's own software.


RFID Labels

RFID tags are manufactured in different materials so that they can be applied to all surfaces. Dipole manufactures its labels in fully customisable sizes in order to cover all our customers’ needs.

They can contain a multitude of information and are easy to use and apply for product identification.

RFID Labels Standard Dipole Solution
RFID Portals Dipole


RFID Hardware

Dipole's hardware to guarantee shipments is adjustable so it can be installed in the locations required by the customer.

It is built and designed to achieve a high reading range with the utmost accuracy. The hardware consists in antennas to detect RFID tags.



RFID Dispatch Software

Dipole has developed its RFID software to process the information and data generated in the environment. Dipole's software is adaptable according to customers' specific needs.

The software is designed to be able to process the information visually in order to more easily understand the data generated and make them more comprehensible when making key decisions.

RFID Software Connect

Software to ensure intelligent dispatches


Dipole has developed its software to maximize RFID technology. Dipole's software is the most powerful on the market to manage shipments intelligently and is fully compatible with Dipole's RFID solutions.

Through the same software, you can manage in real time and without the need for human intervention, managing to automate shipments intelligently and recording all the information during the process. The software to manage shipments has a system of configurable alerts that are used to control the entire process and avoid errors before they occur. It allows you to record the information where the events occur and have instant knowledge to make safe decisions.

The objective is to make all the information generated with RFID technology accessible in a visual way to be able to analyze it and make the most appropriate decisions for your business, provide the necessary tools to be able to plan shipments and reduce the risk of errors in shipments.

Dipole has the ability to adapt its software to the specific needs of each client.


This Dipole software has been designed to be able to adapt to different scenarios according to the needs of each client or sector:

fruits and vegetables

RFID food


RFID industry

supply chain

RFID in the supply chain

sports events

RFID leisure


RFID healthcare

retail smart tag

RFID retail


RFID laundries


RFID Construction

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