Metallurgical Industry RFID


Visibility in the supply chain

Dipole's solutions with RFID technology in the metals industry greatly reduce the time and costs of operational processes, obtaining complete visibility and digitisation.

Identification with RFID technology ensures that each component and product is in the right place, thus achieving effectiveness throughout the supply chain.


RFID for the metal industry

Dipole is constantly researching RFID identification models for the metal industry, ensuring that metal, a material considered complex for this technology, is not an obstacle, thus obtaining optimal and successful automation.

Dipole RFID products lead to Industry 4.0.

  • Metal industry standards
    Our products meet the standards of the metal industry

  • Customised products
    We can manufacture customised products and special antenna designs for complex materials such as metal.

  • Deliveries
    Small and large deliveries, as required by the application.

  • Customisation
    Customisation and custom coding.

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