RFID Printers

With RFID printers, you can print and encode your RFID tags as easily as you would a conventional label. These printers give us the ability to encode RFID tags which can then be identified during the supply chain to optimize processes. You will obtain more security knowing the correct code and printing specs are always right. Dipole RFID offers a wide range different RFID Printer models and brands, Zebra, Toshiba, Sato, Printonix printers.


RFID Printer Zebra ZT610

Zebra's ZT600 series industrial RFID printers, made up of ZT610 and ZT620, feature a powerful and versatile RFID encoder that enables encoding of RFID labels with very little gapping, thus reducing consumable cost.



Product Description Zebra ZT610

Zebra ZT610 industrial RFID printers are designed to accurately and efficiently print and encode labels for the most advanced item-level tracking applications. They have been manufactured to offer exceptional print quality, whatever the industrial conditions.

Applications can be very diverse: Shipping and receiving, Traceability of semi-finished and finished products, Document and medical record management, Product identification/serial numbers, Inventory management, Asset tracking, Cross dock, Receipt/location labeling, Order picking/packing, etc.

  • Technology: UHF
  • Frequency: UHF Global 860-960 MHz
  • Print Resolution: 203 dpi, 300 dpi, 600 dpi
  • Maximum Print Width: 4.09 in / 104 mm
  • Ribbon Mandrel Inner Diameter: 76 mm/3,0 in

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