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A software platform designed and designed to capture data dynamically and intelligently in any business structure The captured data are managed with intelligence to acquire practicality and ready to act. It is able to control in real time the physical movements of goods, containers, people, returnable assets and others, without human intervention. It easily integrates with any ERP, WMS, MES, business management software or any other application, even in Kanban, Lean or other procedures. Install, connect and operate. You don't need to learn RFID and NFC technologies in depth, the software does the work for you. Connect with the hardware and collect its features. It has several pre-defined scenarios, allowing you to configure them. It provides the data ready to be used: "what" has been read, "where" has been read, "when" has been read. Optionally you can get the "status" and "addressability". In Dipole we have our own softwares, both desktop and mobile apps that are optimized for: Expedition Management Inventory management Asset tracking management Management for the reception of merchandise Supply chain management Traceability Management Management in the industry


RFID Software Impinj Speedway Connect

Speedway Connect is software developed by Impinj designed to facilitate faster and simpler implementations of RFID readers. It allows users to remotely configure both readers and gateways and quickly access data identified by the reader. Speedway Connect is a tool that helps customers tailor deployment software to their specific business needs.

This program provides quick configuration and is compatible with multiple protocols, aiming to reduce expenses associated with RFID reader software and middleware development.

At Dipole, we specialize in adapting software to various types of readers and situations. Our focus is on achieving optimal integration between hardware and software to achieve the best possible performance in each situation.



Product Description Speedway Connect

This product is a license that is installed directly on the reader. Its main function is to enable the reader or gateway to continue functioning even when not connected to any network. What the program does is store the data locally, and once the network connection is restored, it automatically sends that data to the corresponding server. Consequently, thanks to this software, the reader can continue operating smoothly even in the event of network interruptions.

  • Technology: UHF

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