RFID Printers

With RFID printers, you can print and encode your RFID tags as easily as you would a conventional label. These printers give us the ability to encode RFID tags which can then be identified during the supply chain to optimize processes. You will obtain more security knowing the correct code and printing specs are always right. Dipole RFID offers a wide range different RFID Printer models and brands, Zebra, Toshiba, Sato, Printonix printers.


Industrial NFC & RFID Printer Sato CL4NX

Sato RFID printers CL4NX support the following RFID modules: UHF, NFC and HF, ISO18000-6, ISO15693, ISO14443. Designed for industrial applications where robustness and reliability are required.



Product Description Sato CL4NX

The CL4NX printers with RFID option reads, writes and prints a wide range of UHF, NFC and HF smart labels and tags, while also printing human readable text and scan-able barcodes. SATO, a trusted industry leader and one of the first to apply RFID technology to its line of industrial thermal printers, makes RFID selection and deployment easy. The CL4NX RFID of Thermal Printers assures a successful implementation of RFID for case carton, item level, pallet ID label and tagging.

The CL4NX RFID also has a double UHF coupler configuration technology which allows to use label pitch until 8 mm and on-metal application.

Suitable for: healthcare, transport & logistics, retail, restauranst, food industry, automotive, manufacturing.

- Gen2 Memory: Expanded EPC, User Memory, TID (96bit), Access password, Kill password, Lock
- Print Method: Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer
- Print Width: 104mm - 4.1"
- Print Resolution: 203, 305 & 609 dpi (auto switch)
- Print Speed: 

o 254mm or 10" per second
o 203mm or 8" per second
o 152mm or 6" per second

- Screen: 3.5" full colour LCD display
- Languages: 47 print & 30 display languages
- Interfaces: LAN USB RS232C Parallel EXT BT Interface and NFC
- Emulations: Auto detect ZPL IPL TPL DPL



  • Technology: HF, NFC, UHF
  • Frequency: HF 13,56 MHz, NFC 13,56 MHz, UHF Global 860-960 MHz
  • ISO: ISO 18000-63 TYPE C, ISO 14443A
  • Print Resolution: 600 dpi, 203 dpi, 300 dpi
  • Maximum Print Width: 4.09 in / 104 mm
  • Ribbon Mandrel Inner Diameter: 25.4 mm / 1 in

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